Top Secret Boondocking in Ontario

Mining for Deep Powder in Algoma County

Thrill-seekers are heading to Wawa and going off-trail to find their happy places and you can too!

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With over 30,000km of snowmobile trails marked, mapped and maintained by members of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC), Ontario is truly a sledders’ paradise. But increasingly, adventurous riders looking for something different are discovering that Ontario offers some mighty fine off trail sledding, too. There’s nothing like deep powder and unbroken snow to test your riding skills and really put your crossover sled through its paces. But trying to find legal and accessible backcountry snowmobiling locations have been a challenge, until now…

Wawa Map


This winter sees the launch of Ontario’s first “organized” unorganized riding experience in Wawa in Algoma Country. Yes you read that right – Wawa has put together an off trail snowmobiling package that welcomes snowmobilers to come and play in the off trail powder. Dubbed “Top Secret Boondocking Location”, it features four nearby Crown Land play areas that are legal, accessible and have GPS coordinates. All you have to do is trailer into town, stay at one of Wawa’s snowmobile-friendly lodgings and check in with Jones Powersports for detailed riding instructions and your secret map…then let your boondocking begin in #algomacountry!

Detailed Wawa Boondocking Map


The Town of Wawa is so excited about their Top Secret Boondocking Location that they're holding a world premiere in February…that’s right, 2015 Snow Down is the first winter event, and it’s all about an epic weekend in Wawa February 14-16, 2015.

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In any article about boondocking, I’d be remiss not to mention two other great Ontario powder adventures. Extreme Tours operates backcountry rides from Cochrane to Moosonee on James Bay and the Abitibi Canyon provides oodles of self-guided hill climbing and boondocking near Fraserdale at the top of OFSC District 15’s Abitibi Canyon Loop. Both are in the Northeastern Ontario tourism region, #neontario. 

Without a doubt, more “organized” unorganized riding experiences will become available as the Wawa model proves to be successful and as even more riders want to give Ontario boondocking a try!


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