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10 Awesome Things to Get You Fired Up for Spring

10 Awesome Things to Get You Fired Up for Spring


Even the slightest mention of that horrifying season is enough to incite thoughts sheer terror. Ontario winters are notorious for making even the burliest of people want to put on their thickest wool sweater and barricade themselves indoors until their thermostat thaws.

Every year we're lulled into a false sense of promise that winter will be a wonder land filled with snow ball fights, and christmas lights. But lets be honest, we're looking at six brutally long months of nothing but scraping windshields and unsuspectingly bruising tailbones on black ice.

Worst of all is wandering doe-eyed into the dark, freezing morning twilight so that you can do damage control on the frozen wasteland that is your drive way. Constantly shovelling and clearing paths onto obscenely large banks piled meters high with snow.


Stuffy noses and cheeks of roses. Sweaty socks and icy locks.

No longer being able to hang out at your favourite beach or go fishing with your friends. This antagonist of seasons always seems to cut our dog days short every year.

But if winter really is the villain in our book of summer dreams than surely spring is the hero.

Sweeping over the frozen land with its sultry winds and favourable temperatures, spring is the long awaited herald which announces warmer days ahead.

Here are some of the best things that happen when spring pokes it head out from the icy catacombs of winter and makes itself known:

1. Crackling Ice under-foot

They're everywhere. Little pockets of thin, icy goodness just waiting for you to wander by and fracture their immaculate surfaces into thousands of tiny pieces. We're talking about frozen puddles. On streets, in driveways and in parking lots, warm weather during the day causes snow to runoff and coalesce in miniature ponds which freeze at night, creating paper-thin, crystallized platforms. These little beauties are a truly a sight for sore eyes because once you sink your foot in that crisp, untouched sheet of perfection, you know that spring is well on its way.

Ice begins to pull away from the lake as temperatures rise.Ice begins to pull away from the lake as temperatures rise.

2. Changing Air Temperatures

It's a subtle change, but it's there. One day you're hiding your face like a frosty winter ninja, the next you're stepping outside, skin exposed, and thinking about how perfect it would be to plan a camping trip soon. What was once the bane of your early mornings, biting gusts threatening to turn your face into a chapped mess while you struggle along the cattle trail to your vehicle, is now a warm embrace filled with fresh scents and new beginnings. No more having to listen to the man on the radio weep as he infamously declares '-45 with the windchill', because spring is just around the corner.

3. Rain

Rain, rain come and stay, wash that awful snow away.
The ultimate palate cleanser, rain is like the proverbial mouthwash of mother nature. With its distinct smell and boding presence, rain appears in swift torrents to purge the earth of its impurities; Dissolving dirt-filled mounds not so graciously left behind in parks, on golf courses and playgrounds. And the best part about it is, while the rainy weather is working its magic, you can kick back at your local coffee shop with a good book (or two) and just listen as the gentle tapping of raindrops on the window make your spring dreams a reality.

4. New Foliage

Probably the best tell-tale sign that spring has arrived is when the plants and trees awaken from their deep slumber and start to sprout; transforming the outdoors from a chalky desert into a colourful canvas full of things to discover. These biological clocks will never deceive you when it comes to the advent of spring, because there's no way that their going to wake until they're absolutely certain that there aren't any cold days left. Lush, beautiful, little shoots reaching to the sunlight sends a message that spring has finally arrived.

Spring-in-Ontario-New-Fly-Fisher-Hawk-Lake-LodgeSpring Flowers by New Fly Fisher at Hawklake Lodge.

5. Counting down to Upcoming Events

The best thing about this time of year is all of the amazing events that happen. So many places to go and people to meet, there simply aren't enough words to describe how good it is to walk around downtown with your friends while checking out the all local attractions. 

6. Spring Cleaning

Open those windows and let out all the stale, dusty air that has accumulated over the last six months. There are few joys in life that are better than airing out your house after a long, drawn-out winter. Whether your sweeping up dust bunnies from under the bed or organizing that huge pile of recyclables in the garage, there's nothing quite like whipping out the old mop and giving your house a lemon-scented renewal.

7. Getting New Shoes

Say goodbye clunky winter boots, enjoy your stay in the closet because there are some new kicks in town. Unsullied, salt-free, squeaky clean runners complete with that fresh-out-of-the-box smell are just waiting for you to take your first hike of the year. The process of buying spring shoes can occasionally be a little bit painful and frustrating at times; especially after finding out that those amazing, pointed docs with just the right amount of toe-to-heel ratio don't come in your size. But it will all be worth it when you finally find the perfect pair to complete your spring wardrobe.

8. Midday Walks

It's been a long day already. You've been at work since 8 o'clock and there was only enough coffee in the carafe for half a cup. You're working efficiently enough but your energy is still sapped from being cooped up indoors all winter. Your coworkers are chatting idly about their weekend and all you can think about is where you're going to eat tonight. You spy at the clock and decide it's time for a break. But instead of your usual granola bar and tuning into half a pod-cast, you decide to take a walk around the block. The moment you step outside you feel immediately rejuvenated. The sun is shining brightly and filling your skin with much needed vitamin D. As you venture on you notice that the nearby businesses are busy getting their new inventory ready for tourist season. There's a warm breeze blowing through your hair and you can't help but smile as you take in the bounty of spring.

Taking a stroll.Taking a stroll.

9. Evening Cruises

The thaw is on. The roads are bare. Wanderlust has taken full effect and the need to be in motion is overwhelming. Nothing manages to kick those winter blues to the curb and whole-heartedly welcome spring back into your life quite like getting in your car and going for a drive. Roll down the windows and crank up the music. No more worrying about black ice or snowed in back roads. All that matters is you, your car, and miles of open road leading to a new spring adventure.

10. Opening the Windows at Night

Possibly the most advantageous part of the warming temperatures is the ability to once again open your windows at night. Once that thermometer stays above zero after the sun goes down, you can bet that I'm digging out my screens from the basement and slapping those meshed masterpieces into place as soon as possible. The cool breeze filling your house with the authentic smell of grass and dew combined with the chants of bullfrogs serenading you into a deep sleep is pure spring bliss.

Spring-in-Ontario-Keewatin-BridgeSpring is in full force.

The shimmering pot of gold at the end of a long, frostbitten rainbow, Spring is our reward for enduring another exhausting winter. Mornings might still be a little brisk, and there may be a few more rogue storms hidden around the bend, but fear not because once the sun disperses the clouds, it'll only be a matter of time before we're clad in tees and savouring all the goodness that Spring has to offer.

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