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Winter Adventures on a Dog Sled

Experience unlimited wilderness - the ultimate in dog sledding adventures. • Credit: Run Silent, Agimac River Outfitters
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Winter Adventures on a Dog Sled

Guided tours available in Sunset Country

Spend a day in the Boreal forest in winter and explore the rugged terrain on a guided dog sled tour.

Dogs Really Are Man's Best Friend

Sure it's winter and there is snow on the ground and a chill in the air - but that is what makes winter so much fun. One of the most unique vacation adventures available in Ontario's Sunset Country is dog sledding. There is nothing quite like being on the back of a sled and having a loyal team of huskies pulling you across a trail through the woods.

As you cry out the traditional "mush" command your team of dogs will pull you in the direction you want and you'll see the boreal forest in winter - a time of sleep for many forest creatures.

dog-sled-trips Ontario, Canada

In some cases, wildlife is easier to see in the winter with the white background, large animals such as moose or whitetail deer really stand out against the cover. You'll feel like you have stepped back in time - no mechanization to a dog sled - just the sound of the dogs barking and skis sliding over the snow. Part of a day trip includes a prepared lunch in the woods. Snack on wholesome food and sit beside a warm campfire. Get to know the dogs on the team that is pulling you - what a way to spend a day! Visit Agimac River Outfitters or Borealis Sled Dog Adventures to explore our true Canadian wilderness on a dog sled. To learn more about other winter activities in Sunset Country, go to our website dedicated to outdoor adventures in Northwest Ontario.

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