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Are Vacations Good For the Soul?

Soak in the hot tub at Manitou Weather Station Fishing Lodge
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Are Vacations Good For the Soul?

Travelling can do wonders for your mind and body

No matter what form of travel you enjoy—a fishing trip with friends, a solitary canoe trip in a wilderness park, or a relaxing vacation with your family, you will come back rejuvenated with a new zest for life.

As I sit at my desk on a Monday, the first day back after a week’s vacation, I reflect on the impact it had—the feeling of getting out of dodge with friends and family to have a good time after not traveling much over the last two years. 

What an amazing time we had! It felt so great to go on a road trip here in Northwestern Ontario. I love traveling, especially by vehicle, and getting to explore new areas. While flying is always great, I truly enjoy road trips and love venturing to new spots I haven’t seen before. 

Explore new areas - you'll never know what you will find! Photo: Kevin Palmer

Our trip over March Break was just what the doctor ordered! Everyone left home tired, and frustrated and all came back rejuvenated, happier, and much more relaxed. 

Here are the top reasons you should book a vacation to feel as great as we do:

1. Rejuvenate your Soul 

Traveling is definitely good for the soul. Feeling like you’ve been in a slump? Just going about your daily grind? Get in your car and travel to your happy place or somewhere you’ve never been before. A week away in the Canadian wilderness will do wonders.

2. Get Fresh With Local Goods

Business has been tough in Sunset Country the last two years—the lack of U.S. visitors has made it difficult for places dependent on tourism to thrive. Why not pick something up at a Farmers’ Market or one of our gift shops? Eat at a local restaurant and try some walleye or other local cuisine like wild rice. You will get fresh, local products and whether you try it here or buy some to take home. I always like to try the local fare, and not just stick to what I know.

Fisherman's Breakfast at La Place Rendez-Vous: Grilled marble rye bread topped with pan-fried walleye and a sunny-side-up egg. Drizzled in chipotle mayo and served with pan fries

3. Choose Your Level of “Solitude”

Honestly, anywhere you choose in Sunset Country is not going to be a big, bustling city. When we say there are more lakes and rivers than people, we mean it. West of Thunder Bay, Kenora is the largest city with only 15,000 people. So even if you choose Kenora, chances are you are going to stay somewhere that’s more remote than where you live. Our busiest days are slower than Chicago’s slowest day after a 4 ft snow storm! 

Most resorts and lodges are family-run and have 5-10 cabin rentals. They are all located on a lake or river, which makes them feel even more remote. If you really want something off the beaten path, choose an outpost cabin, where you and your party will be the only ones on the lake! Talk about solitude!! 

Take a peek at The Outpost Company's Bee Lake Outpost:

4. SavOUR the 6 Best Medicines—Sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise, and diet.

  • Sunshine - We have many days of sunshine each summer PLUS the sun doesn’t set until 9, 10, or even 11 pm depending on which month you visit! 
  • Water - Swim in it, drink it, play in it. Our Canadian lakes are crystal clear!
  • Rest - Hey, it’s your vacation, you can do what you want. If you want to fish all day because it relaxes you, go for it. If you want to sit in a lounger on the beach with a drink all day, go for it. If you want to stay up and watch the stars or Northern Lights, you're in the right spot
  • Air - No matter what you do in Sunset Country - fish, boat, paddle, swim, hike or relax, you will be getting fresh air!
  • Exercise - Believe it or not, fishing can be tiring, especially when you reel in a lot of fish during your stay or boat a monster muskie! Hiking, wild blueberry picking, swimming, paddling, it’s so easy to be active in Sunset Country. 
  • Diet - Well, they say to eat 2-3 servings of fish a week, right? It’s not hard to do around these parts! Many people eat fresh fish every day they are here. Our lakes are our farms. Here are some great freshwater fish recipe ideas.

5. A Safe Place to Travel

If you are still apprehensive to travel, or if this is your first trip since covid, rest assured, Sunset Country is the place to be. Remember, we have more lakes than people! Rent a lakeside cabin or campsite and head out on the lake, or hang out at the beach or dock. Wherever you are, crowds are not a problem in Sunset Country!!

Take it all in while enjoying the beach at Guardian Eagle Resort. Photo: Guardian Eagle

Ready to head to Sunset Country? Order the free Sunset Country Travel Guide & Map to help you plan your trip so that you. too, can go home back feeling like a new person!

The Federal government has also discarded the requirement for a negative covid-19 test as of April 1, 2022, so that is also one less thing to worry about when crossing the border. Americans driving across the border or arriving by air will still have to be vaccinated and fill out the ArriveCAN App. Follow this page for updates on crossing the border

Enjoying a peaceful boat ride with Branch's Seine River Lodge.

If it has been a while, or if you were lucky enough to get to Sunset Country last Fall, book a trip back to Sunset Country and enjoy the peace and solitude of the North!

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