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HoJoe's Coffee Celebrates It's 10th Year In Kenora

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HoJoe's Coffee Celebrates It's 10th Year In Kenora

Celebrating 10 years in the community!

Celebrating 10 years in the Community


Coffee is life. The best part of the day is that moment after you've just woken up from your deep slumber and take that first sip of that hot, soothing beverage.

It's the essence that fuels people's days and has become an important part of our culture.

Just like the quintessential beverage that everyone has come to love, so to has Hojoe's Coffee become the lifeblood of downtown Kenora.


Today, Hojoe's Celebrates it's 10th year in business and the staff are very excited to have been apart of the community for so long.

I was fortunate to be able to interview Co-owner Melanie Reynard, who runs the business with her sister Melissa. "Today we celebrate 10 years in the community plus the opening of our new location."

The sisters purchased HoJoe's Coffee and books 6 years ago and it has been their home away from home every since.

It was always Melanie's dream to own a cafe with a coffee bar and eatery so naturally, when the opportunity came to purchase Hojoe's Coffee on downtown Main Street in 2009, she was ecstatic to finally see her dream come to life

"Our friend introduced us to the London Fog... and they were so good that I ended up putting the word out that I was interested in buying Hojoe's."

The rest is history


Her desire was to create a cozy environment for her customers; a place reminiscent of home and family. Over the years they've found that the community has welcomed them with open arms - it's better than they had ever expected.

Hojoe's has become the a staple for many people in Kenora - A place where they can go to see a familiar face and feel welcome. "We expected to be a part of it (the community) in our little Hojoe's environment... but now it's spread to the entire community."

The most anticipated part of their day is seeing the smiles on the faces of their loyal cliental.

"It's always great to see the ladies who come in on Thursday morning... we're important to them and they're important to us as well."

Their presence on social media has increased their popularity in the community by a huge amount. In this last year alone Hojoe's client base has increased by half, and continues to rise with each passing day.

Hojoe's recently moved locations just down the street from it's original venue. The purpose of the new location was to downsize as well as to create a more comfortable environment.

"When we had the retail as well as the eatery - it was hard to do both." Now with the new space the owners can focus on their customers.

Their cliental has responded with an enormous amount support. "They love it just as much as we do" Melanie says with overwhelming joy.

Customers love the new feel; the colours and environment makes them feel at home.


To celebrate Hojoe's 10th year in the community, the staff have decided to donate $1 from their flagship drink: the frozen hot chocolate. Hojoe's chose to donate to the Fellowship Centre to help those in need.

Their anticipated goal for the fundraiser is $500 dollars - they've seen an huge amount of support and hope to carry it throughout the day so that they can reach their goal.

Hojoe's will be accepted small donations from for the rest of the day.

Make sure you stop by Hojoe's Coffee for a fresh cup and support your local business.

The coffee's on. 

Update - April 30th, 2015

Hojoe's is pleased to announced the success of yesterday's fundraiser.

Donations collected for the Fellowship Centre amounted to exactly $500.

Management and staff at Hojoe's would like to thank the community for all their generosity and support in this cause. They look forward to the future of Hojoe's in its new location and will continue to generate memories through its friendly service in the years to come. 

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