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Amazing Facebook Posts from 2013

First one to the fish wins!
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Amazing Facebook Posts from 2013

Some Epic Shots of Sunset Country

Some of the best of the best posts from our Facebook pages from 2013.

A picture is worth 1000 words. Check out these amazing images Sunset Country posted this year on Facebook.

Ontario's Sunset Country is a vast wilderness area with some smaller cities and towns mixed in with the 70,000 lakes and rivers. It's a beautiful area and not hard to have an abundance of really great photos depicting it. Here's a compilation of Ontario's Sunset Country's most popular and most shared Facebook posts throughout 2013. They were either our original posts, ones that we shared from our members or from people that posted to our wall. Enjoy!


Although taken in the summer, we couldn't resist sharing Red Lake Outfitters'  photo of the northern lights in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. The Aurora Borealis can be so beautiful. Photo was taken by Mike Monaghan.

Northern Lights in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. Photo by Mke Monghan.Northern Lights in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. Photo by Mike Monaghan.


This photo was shared a lot. Perhaps because in February it's been months since anyone has had a Canadian shore lunch with fresh walleye? Thanks to Anderson's Lodge, who have daily shore lunches during the summer for posting this image.

Shorelunch at Anderson's Lodge in Sioux LookoutShorelunch at Anderson's Lodge in Sioux Lookout


Mikey Gustafson posted this photo of a Great Gray Owl. Just look at the owl's eyes! The rest of his body sure is camouflaged with the tree behind him.

A Great Gray Owl captured on camera by Mickey GustafsonA Great Gray Owl captured on camera by Mickey Gustafson


Northern pike are ferocious eaters! Check out this photo sent into Woman River Camp by Kevin. That's two northern pike and they are eating one of their own! lol.Two nothern pike eating another pike!Two northern pike eating another pike!


There are lots of benefits of living up north and seeing wildlife is just one of them. This lynx slept under Enid's office at Viking Island & Outposts all day and then got up, probably to find some food. Lynx walking by Enid Carlson office at Viking Island & OutpostsLynx walking by Enid Carlson office at Viking Island & Outposts


Thanks to Ron Chagnon who shared this photo of "Just another day in Kenora."

At least the deer walk down the sidewalks!At least the deer walk down the sidewalks!


Can you spot the 2 lynx? What a great photo op by Wenasaga Lodge in Ear Falls, Ontario. There was a family of three lynx. These are elusive animals so getting a shot like this is a real bonus! 

 Two lynx at Wenesaga Lodge in Ear FallsTwo lynx at Wenasaga Lodge in Ear Falls


Sean Rude shared this photo of a cow and calf on Highway 502 on May 17, 2013.

Calf and her mommy jogging down Highway 502Calf and her mommy jogging down Highway 502


Black bear peeking into one of Viking Island & Outposts boats on Glen Lake. I wonder what he's thinking?

How am I supposed to drive this boat without a motor?How am I supposed to drive this boat without a motor?


I'm not sure if this bald eagle was taking off or landing, but it sure is beautiful. These powerful birds are plentiful around Sunset Country.  Thanks to Woman River Camp for sharing it.

 Bald eagle at Woman River CampBald eagle at Woman River Camp


Sometimes I take for it for granted that I live in such a beautiful area and am able to see such great sights all the time. Here's a shot by the Randy Lundin group in June at Ghost River Lodges on Marchington Lake.

 Marchington Lake leading to Singapore LakeSingapore Lake with Twin Falls leading to Marchington Lake


Josh had an epic day fishing at Maynard Lake Lodge. He caught his personal best this summer - a 57" muskie. This muskie photo was shared 468 times on our page alone!

Josh's 57 Muskie at Maynard LakeJosh's 57" Muskie at Maynard Lake


I think the combination of the fog rising off the water, the sunburst and just the overall peacefulness of the photo resonated wth our fans. John Marshall took this photo at Uchi Lake Lodge, a fly-in resort near Sioux Lookout.

 This beautiful scene at Uchi Lake Lodge was captures by John MarshallThis beautiful scene at Uchi Lake Lodge was captured by John Marshall


There's something to be said for waking up to waves lapping against the shore, grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting on the deck watching the sun rise. This photo shows the sun rising over Lake of the Woods.

 Sunrise over Lake of the Woods, OntarioSunrise over Lake of the Woods, Ontario


I'm used to seeing deer, moose or bears on a trail cam, but these bald eagles take the cake! Matt Walker submitted this photo to the TrailCamPro.com trail cam photo and won. I can see why, what a great shot.

Matt Walker captured this excellent photo of two bald eagles on a trail camMatt Walker captured this excellent photo of two bald eagles on a trail cam


Northern Lights are also popular posts and I'm sure you can see why. They are so beautiful and 'magical'. Everyone should experience seeing the sky dance at least once. Fireside Lodge was able to capture these in their backyard.

Northern Lights dancing at Fireside LodgeNorthern Lights dancing at Fireside Lodge


Not only are our Ontario sunsets beautiful, but our sunrises are nice too. This sunrise on Lower Manitou Lake at Barker Bay Resort is just beautiful.

Sunrise on Lower Mainou LakeSunrise on Lower Manitou Lake


Woodland Caribou can be found in the northern areas of Ontario's Sunset Country. The guests on Bertand Lake at Northern Lights Outposts were treated to this woodland caribou swimming right by them.

 Woodland Caribou swimming across Bertrand LakeWoodland Caribou swimming across Bertrand Lake


For those living in the southern United States or in other areas that have summer like temperatures year round, fall is definitely something to see. The shorelines like this one on Eagle Lake at Eagle Lake Sportsmen's Lodge really come alive in the fall. So pretty.

Fall colours on Eagle LakeFall colours on Eagle Lake


This was a very popular post in November. Who couldn't imagine themselves sitting next to this campfire watching the sky light up before your eyes? The Northern Lights are something most canoeists in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park see each trip. Thanks to Red Lake Outfitters for this great photo and to Kristian Olauson for taking it.

Northern lights in Woodland Caribou Provincial ParkNorthern lights in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park


We have quite a large deer population in Ontario's Sunset Country.  Many of the deer come right into town and are now urban deer. This handsome buck was right on the road in Kenora.

Urban deer in KenoraUrban deer in Kenora


I meant to include one photo per month, but some months I couldn't choose just one. There were so many great photos in 2013. I hoped you enjoyed living vicariously through our 2013 most popular posts. If you haven't sone so already, please give us a like on Facebook so you can see all the great photos year round. If you like what you see, our 2014 Ontario's Sunset Country Travel Guide & Map just arrived at the office, you can order your free brochure today.

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