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2019 Pow Wows

When you attend a Pow Wow, you should be mindful and respectful of the celebration and its customs.
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2019 Pow Wows

Experience this Meaningful Tradition Sooner Rather Than Later

Finding events in a large region such as Northwestern Ontario can be challenging–– so we've amalgamated all of Sunset Country's Pow Wows in one spot.

Northern Ontario is fortunate enough to be enriched with First Nations culture and traditions that have stood the test of time. One of these celebrated traditions is the Pow Wow. 

Modern Pow Wows can be private or public events; they can be more traditional or competitive. Competitive Pow Wows will have dance and drum competitions, whereas traditional ones exclude competition.

When you attend a Pow Wow, you should be mindful and respectful of the celebration and its customs. Before you get to the list of where you can attend a Pow Wow this year, take a look at these guidelines that will help you gain as much as you can from the experience. The more you understand, the more you’ll appreciate and learn from Pow Wows and their significance. 

Pow wow Etiquette 

First and foremost 

Listen to the Master of Ceremony. They will be sharing important information about certain dances, songs, and specific rules for that day.

If you came to dance, pay close attention to the MC—when the public is invited to dance, you won’t miss it!

Bring your own chairs 

Most Pow Wows don’t have public seating. If there are seats, they may be reserved for dancers, singers, and drummers that are a part of the event. 

No drugs or alcohol 

Pow Wows are drug and alcohol-free events. These will not be tolerated. The only exception for this is tobacco for blessings or gifts. 

Be mindful of participants

Pow Wows are beautiful, colourful, energetic events. It’s easy to get caught up in the fun and forget that for some, there are high stakes in contests. Be sure you only participate when you’re invited to. If you have any questions, you should ask the MC or event coordinators to be sure you aren’t interrupting in any way. 

Photos are given, not taken 

Ask permission before you take photographs of dancers, singers, or drummers. Most are receptive to sharing their beautiful regalia, but it is considered rude to capture images before being given permission. 

You should also refrain from taking photographs during prayers. 


Every Pow Wow will be different; aside from being respectful, there is no standard when it comes to Pow Wows. If you’re a visitor, follow the instruction of the hosts and ask questions if you’re unsure. 

Pow Wows are incredibly fun, vibrant events, but they are also very powerful and full of meaning. There will always be reading material on Pow Wows, but you’ll never truly understand the moving nature of these events until you attend one. 

Attend, ask questions, learn and experience for yourself the magic of a people who rightfully refused to lose their traditions. 

2019 Events 

JULY 2019

26-28: Naicatchewenin (Northwest Bay) 


2-4: Eagle Lake Annual Pow Wow 

Past events

MARCH 2019 

14: Seven Generations "Our Voices Matter" Pow Wow 

August 2018 

4-6: Eagle Lake Annual Pow Wow 

Did we miss any Pow Wows for Northwestern Ontario? Contact us here: info@visitsunsetcountry.com and we'll add them to our events calendar! 

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