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Fall for Sunset Country

Fall for Sunset Country

Fall colours over Sunset Country. Photo by Kevin Palmer

6 Reasons to Book a Fall Vacation

Sunny days + cool nights + zero bugs = heaven on Earth.

Aside from the typical favouritisms of fall—wood smoke filling the air, comfort foods at family gatherings—and all it has to offer, there are some bonus upsides about fall in Sunset Country you'll be pleasantly surprised with! 

1. Fewer crowds

School has started, cottagers have gone home, and there are fewer people around. So if you’d like to have a lake all to yourself or a quieter camp, now is the time to head out! 

Enjoy entire lakes to yourself. Photo by Alyssa Lloyd 

Only the diehards come out to play, and it's a great time to hire a guide to take you into some true trophy size fish territory! 

2. The fishing is fantastic

Walleyes are big and fat in the fall; smallies aren't as active in the winter and therefore are going after whatever you throw at them before ice-up. Northern pike have moved to rocky shorelines, and muskie anglers can enjoy fishing right up until December 15—however, the launches are typically frozen by then!

Lake trout caught with Jeff Gustafson in September.

Lake trout season closes September 30 as they spawn in the fall, but before that you can bet they are on a feeding frenzy. Crappies are also really biting in the fall!

3. No bugs

Bugs don’t dictate when I’m going fishing, but I know some people really get bothered by them. So if you don’t like bugs, September and October trips are for you!

Photo by Paul Herman was taken on Gullrock Lake. 

It's a great time to explore portage lakes if the lodge you visit has them: bug-free means care-free! Enjoy the scenery, abundant active wildlife and so much more that fall has to offer when you don't have to worry about bugs! 

4. Fall colours

Fall is undeniably the most beautiful season up here. Take a hike through the woods, enjoy the colours along the shoreline as you go boating. To see more progress on the leaves, follow a few fly-in fishing companies on their social media. They post wonderful photos of the fall colours from above! Better yet, book a last-minute fly-in trip and see them for yourself! 

October walleye fishing can bring fish into shallower water adding some fun casting tactics to your arsenal! 

5. Northern Lights

When the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, the aurora borealis start to really shine. There’s nothing quite like looking up at the stars and having the sky start to dance around you. Plus, since the sun sets earlier, you can potentially see them much earlier and not have to stay up so late. 

Northern lights really have to be seen to be believed. Photo courtesy of True North Outposts & Cabins

6. Discounted Trips

This arguably should be #1 on the list! Sometimes the lodges and outfitters will offer Fall Specials and discounts. And seriously, who doesn’t like a good deal, especially when it comes to a trip of a lifetime? 

Wildewood on Lake Savant offers 25% off with their September Special! 


There's still plenty of fall ahead of us, so you shouldn't miss out on your chance to have a spectacular fishing or touring trip! Lodges and outposts are relatively open at this point in the season so a last-minute call could work wonders for you. 

Beat the crowds, enjoy some relaxing downtime on quiet waters, and soak up Mother Nature's colourful splendour. 

If you're too tied up to book for this season, but it sounds like a good idea for next, why not order our FREE Travel Guide and Map? This handy publication is an amazing asset in narrowing down exactly what you're after for your fall, or perhaps winter, trip to Sunset Country. 

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