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Snowmobiling Famous Lac Seul

The snowmobile trails in Northwest Ontario are well marked and often traverse the lakes. • Credit: Mike Starratt
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Snowmobiling Famous Lac Seul

Fishing isn't the only great thing about Lac Seul. Get out and snowmobile it! 

Explore our Canadian Shield that is mostly accessible only in the winter by snowmobile. I love snowmobiling and have been riding in my own back yard of Northwestern Ontario for over 30 years.  I am very lucky to start all my snowmobiling adventures right from my front door. With the snowmobiling season sometimes ending in April/May, putting on 4000 kilometers on my sled is not unheard of.

My main riding is on OFSC trails and lake/shoreline riding of Lac Seul. I find Lac Seul offers adventurous riding and discovery of relics from days gone by. If conditions  permit, be adventurous and snowmobile all your summer spots, now covered with the blanket of white.

Snowmobiling Lac Seul, Ontario, CanadaSnowmobiling Lac Seul, Ontario, Canada

Get out in nature and ride your sled to neighbouring towns in your area. There is an extensive snowmobile trail network throughout Northwestern Ontario, connecting over 8 communities with snowmobile clubs in NWOSTA's District 17. Join a snowmobile club and enjoy uncrowded, high quality groomed and marked trails that lead to fascinating and picturesque spots. Maybe even volunteer, clubs are always looking for volunteers. Each community or snowmobile club at some point throughout the winter has a Poker Derby, Snowarama, Winter festival, club and family rides. Join in the fun and participate in the events. Just remember to get outside and ride your sled!

Enjoy some of the pictures from my part of Northwestern Ontario and hopefully it will ignite a spark in you to get out and snowmobile.

Snowmobiling Lac Seul Snowy TrailBeautiful snowy trail near Sioux Lookout, Ontario

Snowmobiling Lac Seul Windigo PointStopping at Windigo Point

Beautiful Silver Falls!Beautiful Silver Falls!


An old relic on Lac SeulAn old relic on Lac Seul 



You won't regret a snowmobile trip to Lac Seul or Northwest Ontario, the trails are great, the snow is plenty and there's beauty everywhere!

Snowmobiling Lac Seul TrailSnowmobiling Lac Seul Trail

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