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Sunrise to Sunset Smallmouth Bass

There's plenty of feisty smallmouth bass in Sunset Country • Credit: Karl Kalonka
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Sunrise to Sunset Smallmouth Bass

Sunset Country is well known for it's bass fishing

The combination of rewarding lakes and hospitable service is what makes Sunset Country the epitome of a fantastic bass fishing trip.

I have one of the best jobs known to mankind.

Having the opportunity to do what I love and carve out a career chasing finned critters while living my dream every single day is truly a gift from god. I frequently travel across the many friendly regions of this beautiful province for the purpose of shooting shows, vacationing with friends and family or just fishing a new lake or river on my bucket list. But not matter what your reason for coming, you'll never be disappoint by all the excellent commodities Ontario has to offer. The lakes and landscapes are simply breath taking which simply can't be described by words alone; you have to experience it live yourself.

Over the past few years, I have been travelling to Northern Ontario a lot more, especially after hearing all about the excellent multi-species fishing opportunities in the area. I always enjoy visiting with lodge owners and staff; shooting shows while making new friends who share a common bond, the love of the great outdoors and of course, fishing. You may have heard the stories of one hundred plus fish days and wondering just how much of those tales were real or just 'fish stories'?

I can be witness to such tales and have first hand experience from my trips to Northern Ontario. Walleye, northern pike, trout, pan fish of all varieties including jumbo yellow perch, bluegills, crappie and of course, my favourite, the bass can be caught in almost any lake that you go to.

And Northern Ontario has a lot of big bass.

Hawk Lk topwater bassBeautiful smallie caught at Hawk Lake Lodge

There is one region in particular that has impressed me with the sheer numbers of quality smallmouth and largemouth bass and that is Sunset Country. From the world famous Lake of the Woods to Rainy Lake - every nook and cranny and body of water across this region either harbours numbers of bass or the opportunity to potentially hook the biggest bass of your life!

From the early catch and release season to late October, the opportunities to fish for bass are endless. One of the best parts of this region is the lodge owners. They are very much in tune with Northern tourism and always offer vacationing anglers and their families first class treatment. From the accommodations, meal plans, lake and region knowledge to guides for hire and everything imaginable, I guarantee that any lodge you stay at during your time in Sunset Country will make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

My visits to Sunset Country included visiting lodges that cater to anglers who fish for bass, among all the other species that swim in these magnificent waters. Some of my endeavours included visits to Hawk Lake Lodge, who feature many remote lake packages they offer, Crawford's Camp which is open year round and offers both fishing and hunting packages, Indianhead Lodge who is renowned for the hospitality and mouth watering meal packages, as well as Camp Narrows on Rainy Lake which has been labelled one of the worlds finest smallmouth bass fisheries - just to name a few

Each lodge and location has something unique to offer its guests. From trophy walleye, northern pike and Muskie fishing, to the spectacular top water smallmouth bass fishing that has to be personally witnessed to truly appreciate the incredible amount of fish you will see in one day of fishing.

Crawfords Camp SM bassNice collection of Small Mouth Bass Caught at Crawford's Camp

Sunset Country lakes and rivers are virtually littered with smallmouth bass habitat. Everything from rock shoals, island points, underwater humps, sand flats, pencil weeds - you name it, this region has it and the best part about the lakes and river systems is that just about every location that looks like it should hold bass, actually does!

It is that good.

Personally, I like to fish for smallmouth bass with a wide variety of presentations and baits, but when I come to Sunset County, I may have a bunch of different lures tied onto my rods. Though my personal preference are my topwater lures, which have gotten to most action from feisty Smallies during my stay.

You just can't beat the heart stopping explosions and cart wheeling of a big brown bass hooked on a topwater popper like the Strike King Spin n King, KVD Splash or Sexy dawg walking bait. As is the case in any outing, having a variety of presentations, even in topwater fishing, will increase your odds of hitting the magic button for that particular day, location or short 'hot window bite' when these smallmouth bass go absolutely ballistic for anything that is splashing above their heads.

Another great thing about this region and the topwater smallmouth bass bite is that it's not just your traditional early morning to breakfast bite; it's usually an all day affair. Up here in Sunset country you can do the early a.m. bite, come in for breakfast, re-group or even have a mid a.m. nap, then head out again in mid day to locate areas that offer not only a good bite but the opportunity to inspire bigger bass when the sun is at its peak.

Are you truly interested in experiencing some of the best bass fishing of your life?

If so, consider Sunset County as your next outdoor vacation. The lodges are ready to welcome you with open arms, and the smallmouth fishing is great - from sunrise to sunset.

Follow the adventures of Karl Kalonka and Extreme Angler TV on Faceboook and Twitter.

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