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Big Muskie–– What Sunset Country's All About

Fishing Lake of the Woods for Muskies from Mylie's Place
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Big Muskie–– What Sunset Country's All About

Musky fishing in Ontario––there's nothing quite like it

Ontario is the promised land for muskie anglers. This article explains why.


In Sunset Country, we mean business when it comes to the subject of muskie fishing! In this part of the province, the muskie lives long and can grow to enormous sizes. Most of Ontario's famous muskie waters are located in Sunset Country. Everyone has heard of the legendary fishing on Lake of the Woods but other great waters include Eagle Lake, Crow Lake, Manitou LakeLac Seul and many, many others. There is also a multitude of smaller lakes that produce great fish and in awesome numbers. In fact, we're not even scratching the surface with that list!

muskie fishing lodges and resorts

It doesn't matter where you have fished before, there really is no place like Sunset Country when it comes to the sheer number of fish and the average size available. Yes, we have fish pushing––possibly exceeding––55 inches in length. True giants that dwell in our waters for you to throw a lure at. Depending on your favourite method of muskie fishing, fishing is excellent all season long. Enjoy casting and catching them in the eights? You'll love the season from opener until mid-September. Love jigging, trolling and tailing suckers around? You'll adore late fall fishing from October until close December 15th. 

Bring a variety of baits with you because you never know what might work. Bucktails, topwater baits and large jerk baits that you can troll will assure you of a good chance at a big fish. Who knows, maybe the next Ontario (or world) record muskie will bite your line! Just remember, once the fish bites you still have to land it and when something weighs close to 50 pounds, there are no guarantees––well there is one guarantee––that you and your buddies will have a great time!

There are many great places to stay on these lakes and you can choose from American Plan or housekeeping packages or stay at a campground. Boat rentals and experienced guides are also available. Big fish usually means big fun so if you are an experienced muskie fisherman or you want to try it for the first time, Sunset Country in Ontario is definitely the place to go.

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