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What You Need to Know: Getting Ready For Walleye Season 2015

What You Need to Know: Getting Ready For Walleye Season 2015

"Fishing is much more than fish. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers." - Herbert Hoover


It's time for fishing. In just a few short weeks die-hard enthusiasts and casual anglers from all over the continent will be starting their journey, equipped with rod and reel, to set up at outposts and lodges all over the North-West in hopes of hooking the ultimate catch.

With just over a month left before the 2015 Walleye opener, many of our members are well underway preparing their lodges, dusting off window shutters and stocking pantries, heralding the arrival of long time patrons and new visitors alike.

Everyone is getting excited. If the pure joy of sitting on a boat in the newly awakened summer sun were palatable, it would certainly be the taste of fresh Ontario Walleye.

With all the commotion involving the new season, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and forgo the necessary to-do’s before heading out onto the lake.

We’ve prepared a quick to do list to make sure that you’ll be ready to snag that record breaking catch.

Manotak 4Gasoline Alley at Manotak Lodge

1. Get Your Fishing Licence

It’s extremely important to have a valid licence while fishing in Ontario. If you already have a licence, be sure you check to ensure it’s not expired.

You can update or purchase your outdoors card online at ontario.ca/outdoorscard, by phone 1-800-288-1155, or at any licence issuer in your area.

For non-Canadian Residence, click here for information on how to get your licence.

2. Book Your Lodge

The lodges in Northern Ontario are popular among both residence and tourists. They get extremely busy over the course of the year, especially around Walleye season.

Sunset Country is home to a vast variety of lodges and outposts, each with their own unique features to make your fishing experience the best it can be.

Make sure to make your reservations as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on the fishing opportunity of a life time.

You can find a complete list of our services and lodges here

3. Prep Your Boat

If you’re travelling to Ontario for the first time, it’s important to know the rules concerning water safety and boat maintenance.

Visit the Ontario Travel Website so that you’re ready to hit open water once Walleye season begins.

4. Understand The Rules

Like any activity, it's imperative to know the rules and regulations before heading out. Make sure that you're up to date on catch limits and weight restrictions so that your trip to Ontario will be smooth sailing.

Downloadable PDF: Ontario fishing rules and guidelines https://www.ontario.ca/travel-and-recreation/fishing

Fish on-line is now available. Free information on over 13,000 lakes across Ontario. 

Family Fishing Week: July 4th - 12th 2015 www.ontariofamilyfishing.com



Member Spotlight


Manotak Lodge

Located on beautiful Perrault Lake, Perrault Falls, Ontario

Owners: Steve & Christine Swafford

Manotak 6Manotak welcomes you  


About the Lodge

The origin of Manotak Lodge begins over 70 years ago when an American Oil company went searching for a rustic forest environment. They migrated North into the Canadian wilderness and set up camp just a hop, skip and a jump away from a neighbouring air field bordering right on the edge of the serene Perrault Lake.

Naturally, they settled here as the Hallmark traits of true Canadian woodland captured their hearts. They built a charming wooden cabin which served for many years as respite for oil executives and businessmen from across the Northern hemisphere. 

Manotak 7Guest Cabin at Manotak Lodge

Today, Manotak Lodge is a four-star resort which offers a wide array of accommodations. Their beautiful guest houses will leave you absolutely spell-bound, offering rooms for parties as large as twelve and as small as a couple. Most rooms are complete with a full kitchen so you can fry up your day's catch in comfort and style.

Their travel packages include both House Keeping and American plans, featuring a fully primed 16-foot aluminum boat so that you can start your fishing adventure just minutes after arriving.

Manotak Lodge has been a member of Sunset Country for many years and is now under new ownership. Proprietors Steve & Christine Swafford are excited to start the new season as Manotak kicks off it's 70th year in business. They welcome all customers young and old to come out and enjoy fantastic fishing like you've never experienced before.

Manotak 86 Person Guest Room at Manotak


Contact Information:

Website: http://www.manotak.com

Twitter: @manotak1945

Phone: 800-541-3431


Don’t forget to get your free 2015 Sunset Country Travel Map & Fishing Guide to plan your trip to Northern Ontario today.

Call Toll-Free 1-800-665-7567

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