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What a Vacation to Canada Really Means

Coming back to camp after a day on the lake.
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What a Vacation to Canada Really Means

I realized something very important about fishing in Canada. Anglers don’t come here for the fish they take home. So what do they come up here for?

A few years back, I was sitting at a Sport & Travel Show and I was across a booth that had was a fishing outfitting promoting his business in the US Midwest. His signs all said “Guaranteed 8 fish”, “You will bring home your limit” etc. 

The four days I was at the show I couldn’t help compare what he was selling and what I was offering. The outfitter promised to send each of his guests home with 8 walleye. Americans in Canada can bring back half of that, sometimes less. I was wondering how we could compete, being across from the booth that offered the anglers to take home so much.

As the show went on, I realized something very important about fishing in Canada. 

Anglers don’t come here for the fish they take home. 

So what do they come up here for?

1 - The peace and quiet

Your fishing hole is generally your fishing hole. You are not competing with all sorts of other boats and anglers for the good spots. Sometimes your party is the only one on the lake!

2 - Fresh shore lunch

Much of the wilderness in our area is Crown Land - meaning it belongs to the government. This allows many places to pull up to shore and have a shore lunch with the fish you just caught. There’s nothing quite like cooking up some fresh fish along the shores of a Canadian lake. Sit back, enjoy a beverage and listen to the waves lapping at the shore or a loon call out. There’s nowhere else better to enjoy a meal!

3 - Trophy Fish

Our fishing regulations are meant to sustain (or better) our fishing. You may not like the slots or fish limits, but because of this, there are many trophies to be had. Of many fish species. You will be catching many fish in a day, and not only in big numbers, but you’re bound to catch some trophy fish over your stay at your lodge. 

4 - Crystal Clear Lakes

Beautiful, clean lakes dot northwest Ontario. There are everywhere you look. In fact, there are 70,000 lakes, rivers and streams in Ontario’s Sunset Country! Enjoy them while you’re out fishing, paddling, swimming or just exploring the lake. 

5 - Family-Run Lodging

When you pull up to your resort, one of the first faces you’ll see are the owners. They are there to welcome you to their ‘home’ for a week. Over the course of the week, you’ll become part of their family. These small, family-run businesses are there to make your vacation enjoyable. 

6 - Time Spent With Your Loved Ones

Whether you are traveling with the same group of guys that you’ve been making the trip with for years, your family, or it’s your first time to Canada fishing, as soon as you pull up to the lodge, you will start to feel your worries disappear. Because for the next 7 days, you’ll be relaxing, fishing, having a few beverages in front of a fire, and enjoying the company of your friends and family. The bond you’ll create will be unforgettable. 

The camaraderie of everyone staying at your lodge is awesome. As people come back to the lodge in the evening, everyone is talking with each other on how their day was, complimenting someone on their master angler trophy fish, chit-chatting on how their day went. Giving tips to the dad and his children on their first trip to Canada. 

Jim at Eagle Lake Island Lodge is always happy to listen to all your fish tales of the day while he pours you a cold drink.

7 - Weekly Fish Fry

Take part in the weekly fish fry. Many lodges will have a weekly fish fry and invite all the guests. Sometimes it’s a potluck, sometimes they supply it all. It’s just another bonus of staying at a smaller, family-run operation. 

Weekly fish fry at Rainbow Point Lodge

So while you won’t see “Guaranteed 8 walleye a day” on our Canadian Sport Show booths, you’ll probably catch way more than 8 walleye a day, eat fresh fish every day you’re in Canada, and take a few home too. 

Catching walleyes on Eagle Lake!

Your vacation to the Canadian wilderness will do much more to your mind than anything else. You’ll have spent your vacation on beautiful clean, fish-filled lakes, joked with your buddies or grandkids, and have just relaxed and enjoyed your trip to Canada.vAfter a week spent fishing on the waters of Ontario’s Sunset Country, you won’t even be thinking about how many fish you can bring home. 

So when your friends tell you there’s nothing like their fishing trip to Canada, believe them. Or better yet, join them!

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