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Viral Anglers

Aaron Wiebe of Uncut Angling Holds up a Lac Seul Muskie caught during an Uncut Angling episode • Credit: Jay Siemens
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Viral Anglers

A List of Anglers Who Enjoy Sunset Country As Much As We Do

Whether you want to learn more about the region of Sunset Country, or just enjoy entertaining angling action, this is a list of anglers you should be following or subscribing to!

Looking for your next online angling inspiration? Look no further than this list of anglers that live in or frequently visit Sunset Country for its fishing opportunities. If you're looking for fishing tips, how-to's, boat hacks, or just a good laugh, this list should have you covered. What's even better about it all, they love Sunset Country as much as we do.

Jeff Gustafson 

As a Sunset Country local, Jeff Gustafson got his start bass fishing multiple lakes in the Kenora area. Formerly an FLW Tour professional angler and now a Bassmaster Elite angler, Gustafson also guides right here in Sunset Country. Known as Gussy to his hometown colleagues and now fans across the globe, Gustafson does an excellent job of promoting our region and all it has to offer anglers. Follow Gussy on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Uncut Angling 

This online web series first started by Aaron Wiebe and Jay Siemens has now grown into a viral mecca of how-to videos, giant fish, impressive footage, and just plain fun entertainment. If you haven't subscribed to this channel already, be warned, it is a giant rabbit hole of online angling entertainment. 

Lindner's Angling Edge

Even if you've just begun fishing, the name Lindner should ring a bell. As one of the biggest families in the fishing industry, they need no introduction. 

Even though they've been in this business for a long time, they are constantly changing up the game with new series, publications, and social media platforms. Their latest project, The Ontario Experience is in its first year of airing and making big waves. Be sure to follow along here: 

Jessie Baker 

Another born and raised Sunset Country local! If you’re familiar with reality television you may recognize Baker from Bachelor Canada. However these days, you’re more likely to find her fishing her home waters here in Sunset Country. Baker is an accomplished angler who also happens to run a family business at Cedar Island Lodge. If you follow her Instagram account (and you should) you can follow along on her pursuit to land a 50” muskie on her home waters of Pipestone Lake.

The New Fly Fisher 

There are several hosts of The New Fly Fisher; Colin McKeown, Bill Spicer, Jenna McKeown, Mark Melnyk, and Phil Rowley and Ontario is a favourite destination for them all! 

The cast and camera crews for TNFF do a marvelous job showing off the beauty of our wild terrain while also highlighting our bountiful fish species and beautiful lodges. They also produce some super helpful videos for those looking to pick up a fly rod and give it a go. 

Pete Maina 

A muskie maniac. Pete Maina has earned his place in the muskie greats by being able to target and succeed everywhere he makes a cast. Which just happens to be in northwestern Ontario's Sunset Country quite a bit! 

Alex Peric 

Youtube sensation "apbassing" recently did a Canadian Tour with his crew in Sunset Country targetting multiple species, but their main goal was muskie. This Canadian mini-series was entertaining, to say the least and offered some pretty cool footage of our lakes, our fish, and our landscapes! 

Jay Siemens

Jay is an accomplished videographer and photographer from Manitoba, now residing in Ontario. He ran Jay Siemens Productions until recently he created Thrive Visuals, a team of video producers. As impressive as that is, we're here for the vlogs. Jay's vlogs are entertaining, helpful, and overall light-hearted and fun. Especially ones involving his now fiance, Sam. 

Mike Borger 

Mike Borger runs Canada Fishing Guide. An interactive publication that highlights lodges and their facilities for those looking to plan trips. Borger also does a lot of canoe tripping, and often times these adventures include his son, Brendan. Watching this young lad enjoy time in the outdoors with his dad is a very pure and happy way to start your day. We recommend watching these videos with your morning coffee to start your day right and inspire you to fish your heart out. 

Rebekka Redd 

Rebekka Redd is a Thunder Bay, Ontario native and travels regularly for fly angling all over the world. We may be biased when we say her Sunset Country region videos are our favourite content, but it certainly is nice to see the beauty and the attention she undoubtedly brings back to her home waters of Northwestern Ontario

Karl Kalonka 

The Extreme Angler, Karl Kalonka visits Sunset Country regularly. Dubbed the crappie king, his visits to this unlikely crappie factory that is northwest Ontario, are welcome and looked forward to but he certainly enjoys our bass fishing opportunities as well! 

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