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An Out-Of-Towner's Guide to Northern Ontario

An Out-Of-Towner's Guide to Northern Ontario

All you need to know about Superior Country

What is there to do in Superior Country? Where should I stay? And where can I see that giant goose? All your essential questions answered here.

For everyone in Canada looking for the perfect “staycation,” look no further because Ontario’s Superior Country is the perfect Northern oasis. Now you might be thinking, where is Superior Country and tell me more. We've rounded up the answers to a bunch of our most frequently asked questions about our region that will help you to plan the ultimate trip. 

Where is Ontario's Superior Country? 

Our vast region starts at the northern shore of Lake Superior

Ontario's Superior Country is in Northwest Ontario along the northern shore of the world's largest freshwater lake. We guarantee there is something for everyone along the stunning shores of Lake Superior and beyond. The region extends as far west as the communitiy of Atikokan and as far east as the community of Wawa, Ontario with so many amazing places to explore in between. 


Where can i stay in superior country?  

Finding a comfortable place to rest your head after a day of adventure is an important part of any trip. In Superior Country you’ll find a variety of hospitable accommodations to fit any travelers needs. Whether you are looking for a humble B&B, secluded cabin, lakeside campground, friendly roadside motel, or modern hotel, there is a variety of places where you can find your home away from home.

What is the weather like in Superior Country? 

A crisp day at the waterfalls with some snow on the ground

The four distinct seasons in Superior Country ensure a plethora of recreational activities year round. Spring is generally March to May. The temperatures can be varied through the season. You’ll find it chilly and drier through April with temperatures warming up and ample rain mid-May. Summer is from June to August with mostly warm and dry conditions. Temperatures can reach over 30 degrees in peak summer months. The autumn months are September to November with milder temperatures and frosty mornings. Winter falls between December to February. Temperatures can range from -15 to -30 degrees and snow remains on the ground throughout the season. The unique climate of the communities along the north shore influenced by Lake Superior. This makes them slightly cooler in the summer and warmer during the winter than communities more inland.

Are there Travel Information Centres if we need help? 

A friendly travel centre in Superior Country

There are many welcoming Travel Information Centres in communities throughout Superior Country. With knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you find exactly what you need they can also give you informed recommendations. Operated by locals that have first-hand knowledge of the area, they're sure to know the must-see spots nearby. Making a travel centre your first stop is a the perfect way to be introduced to the community.

What is there to do in superior country?

Hiking is one of the main reasons people flock to Superior Country (well, hiking and the views that come with it). 

Superior Country is known as a world-class fishing destination with one of our communities being home to the World Record Brook Trout (Nipigon). However, it's not only an epic fishing destination. It's sprinkled with thousands of scenic vistas, lookouts, hiking trails, places to paddle, and waterfalls worth chasing

Here is the highlight reel of some of the best things to experience while in Superior Country.

Discover Unique Attractions

A picture-perfect lighthouse 

One of the best things about Superior Country is that not only are there natural landscapes to explore but also great man-made attractions throughout the region. Take a boat or paddle to some of Lake Superior’s most interesting and secluded lighthouses. Fun roadside attractions (including Winnie the Poo, the world's largest snowman, and a giant roadside goose), picturesque scenic lookouts, stunning boardwalked waterfronts, and sunny beaches are just a few things you can expect to enjoy here.

Explore Natural Wonders

Rocks with a view. The water really is that clear up here. 

The area is filled with natural wonders for your own exploration. Enjoy the views from Ouimet Canyon or watch the rushing waters fall over ancient rock filled with rich history at Kakabeka Falls. Ontario’s official gemstone is the amethyst and there's no shortage of deposits of this purple-hued stone. Visit a mine and find one of your very own to bring home as a memory of your trip to the region. With very little light pollution the chilly winter nights offer the perfect conditions for a chance to catch the vibrant Northern Lights dancing along the sky.

Experience Incredible Fishing

Record-breaking catch and a day out on the water. Doesn't get better than this.

Superior Country is a world-class fishing destination. Not only home to the world's largest fresh water lake and world record brook trout but the thousands of inland lakes and rivers are abundant with a variety of fish. The avid fisherman or beginner will be sure to have a rewarding fishing trip. Whether you’re fishing from shore or boat for trophy-sized walleye, northern pike, rainbow, lake or brook trout, salmon, bass, or perch you will not be disappointed. Remote lodges on secluded lakes are excellent options for those looking for the ultimate fishing vacation.  

Go for an Epic Hike

Exploring the rocky shores of Lake Superior

Superior Country is known for epic hiking and outdoor exploration with trails leading through and to incredible locations. There is something for people of all experience levels to enjoy. Whether you are looking for a meandering stroll or a challenging and rewarding day hike there is the perfect trail for you. Hike through the scenic Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, take on the challenging 53 km Casque Isle Trail, or experience the shoreline of the Nipigon River on the Nipigon River Recreation Trail. There are so many well-maintained trails spread throughout all of the communities of Superior Country. Many will even take you to breathtaking scenic lookouts or rushing waterfalls.

Chase Amazing Waterfalls

Ontario's second highest waterfall offers incredible views without the crowds found down south

Superior Country is home to Ontario’s second highest waterfall, Kakabeka Falls. In fact, this impressive waterfall is often referred to as “Niagara of the North." But Kakabeka is far from the only impressive waterfall in the region. Some are just as accessible, others are tucked away along a wooded trail, all are worth seeing! Check out these 8 incredible waterfalls in Superior County.

Whatever you choose to do while you're in Superior Country, we know you'll have an amazing adventure. 


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