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Experience the Natural Edge

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Experience the Natural Edge

Nipigon Marina

Unforgettable adventures at the Natural Edge EcoPark

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Do your part by following public health advice. It is important to wear a face mask or covering, practice physical distancing, and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

You awaken from a restful sleep, nestled in the trees, to the sun shining through your tent as it rises over the horizon. Your morning soundtrack is of gentle rippling waves on the shore and chirping song birds throughout the trees. You unzip the bottom hatch of your tree tent and slink down to the ground to feel the dew dropped grass beneath your feet. You take a long stretch and a deep inhale of the fresh marina air. People begin emerging from their tents and campers and wave a neighbourly hello.

Eager to begin your day of adventure and exploration, you take a short walk to La Luna Café for your pre-ordered breakfast, which is ready when you arrive. La Luna Café & Bakery offers homemade cuisine, baking, and fresh brewed coffee, affectionately made with fresh local ingredients. It has a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere that feels in-keeping with the natural surroundings of the community. Once you finish your delicious meal, you take a last sip of coffee and return to your campsite, feeling fueled for adventure.

Your itinerary for the day includes a guided kayak tour with Such a Nice Day Adventures, around the nearby islands where you hope to get a glimpse of the historic Nipigon River pictographs. Clutching your paddle, you gingerly step into the kayak and push off from the EZ dock. Your heart pumps as you paddle with the rivers' current as it transitions from the Nipigon River to the mouth of Lake Superior. The mid-morning sun glistens on the water as a blue heron glides by. You reach a cliff near the mouth of the river, laden with red ochre Indigenous pictographs from centuries past. Lines, circles, and symbols paint the picture of an ancient story. One appears to be a near-human form. It is said to be a depiction of Memegwesi, a small riverbank-dwelling water spirit. Paddling back to the marina, you can’t help but think about the Indigenous peoples who had taken that very same route centuries ago.

Returning to your waterfront tree tent site, you decide to grab some gear and take a hike, recalling the information on trails you recieved when looking into local guided hikes with Epic Adventures. The trail head for the Nipigon River Hiking Trail is conveniently situated at the campground. It is a 10-km hike that connects Nipigon and Red Rock. Much of the trail hugs the shoreline of the river and you take time to marvel at the scenery that encompasses you. You stop to take a picture of a bald eagle perched in an evergreen overhead before continuing on your trek.

Reaching a long set of stairs, you climb up to the top of Eagle’s Ridge and are immediately granted with a breathtaking panoramic view of the river and miles down the shore of Lake Superior. When you reach the Township of Red Rock, you stop in at the Interpretation Centre on the waterfront. There you learn about the areas rich history, marine life, and the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area that you visited earlier as you paddled through the waters. After a long picturesque hike, you return to your camp site, light a campfire and unwind as the sun sets. You take a leisurely stroll around the campground and marina with a LuminAid Lantern to light your way. After you've had your fill of toasted marshmallows, you climb into your Tree Tent and leave the fly off so you can star glaze before drifting off to sleep.

The dawn of the following day opens up to a new adventure, Conquering the Edge with a rock climbing session in Orient Bay, guided by Outdoor Skills and Thrills. The Nipigon region is renowned for being a premiere climbing destination. Before heading out, you stop by the campground and marina kiosk and grab a rental tree tent - this time you're taking your tree tent experience with you! Standing at the bottom, your eyes follow the ledges up the rock face and mentally take note for your footing to ascend to the top. Your guide is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, making you feel secure while providing you the confidence to keep taking that next step higher. At the top, you stop to soak in the remarkable view that was well worth the challenging yet rewarding climb. As you rappel, leaning your weight back and walking your way down the rock face, you feel accomplished in Conquering the Edge.

Once you bid farewell to your climbing guide, you find an ideal spot nearby and start setting up your tree tent. It's not nearly as challenging as climbing the cliff, and you are glad that the staff at the Natural Edge EcoPark gave you some hands on training earlier that morning. You feel a huge sense of triumph with your perfect tree tent set up, and snap a selfie #TentsileCanada to proudly boast to the tree tent community. The next morning you drop off your rental tent at the kiosk, have a quick shower, grab a coffee at La Luna Cafe, and hit the road -  one more amazing experience richer. 

The Natural Edge EcoPark offers all the comforts and amenities that you may need. Situated at the beautiful, full service Nipigon marina in Ontario's Superior Country. It not only offers standard tent and RV sites, but is also North America’s first Tentsile  Experience Camp. You can stay at the campground with a Tree Tent already set-up before arrival, or rent one and head out for a custom Tree Tent experience. If you enjoy your experience, you can purchase your very own at the site to take with you, or have it delivered to your home address if you are mid-adventure. Be sure to check out the amazing experience packages with the EcoParks tourism partners that allow you to envelop yourself in the natural edge inherent to the Nipigon region.


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