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10 Reasons to *NOT* Travel the Lake Superior Circle Tour

10 Reasons to *NOT* Travel the Lake Superior Circle Tour

Leave this bucket list tour for the rest of us ;)

Travel at your own risk: no other destination will ever compare to this journey of a lifetime!

1. Too many scenic views!

If you don't like scenic views then the Lake Superior Circle Tour isn’t for you! There are countless looks-outs around Lake Superior. They're everywhere, from the tops of mountains to the shores of Superior, avoiding them is merely impossible.

2. Too many Natural Wonders!

There are natural wonders spread all around the Circle Tour! If you don’t like to look out over or toward something that makes you think “how on earth..?” then this tour definitely isn’t for you! Not only are there several natural wonders around the tour but it circles the greatest of them all… Lake Superior!

3. Too many attractions!

From those pesky natural wonders to kid-friendly attractions, roadside attractions, lighthouses, and more there are just way too many things to enjoy. There is definitely something for everyone on this tour. If that doesn’t sound intriguing to you then you need to stay home.

4. Too many waterfalls!

Wow! If you hate waterfalls then you are going to hate the Lake Superior Circle Tour! There are hundreds of waterfalls around Lake Superior. The biggest of them is Kakabeka Falls located west of Thunder Bay.

5. It’s awesome during any season!

Don’t you hate a trip that can be enjoyed during each of the four seasons? It’s an ultimate road trip no matter what time of year! They don’t call it one of North America’s best road trips for nothing.

6. It’s too romantic!

People have circled Lake Superior for their honeymoons and to rekindle romance for generations. If you don’t want the most memorable trip with a loved one then definitely stay away from the Lake Superior Circle Tour!

7. Too much culture and heritage!

If you hate visiting places that have a vast history and lots to learn and explore then you should stay away from the Circle Tour! From myths and mysteries, to local events, festivals, and celebrations, there is just way too much to do. The lake is even surrounded by several museums and galleries.

8. Too much nature!

There are just way too many beaches, lookouts, accommodations, and many other things all centered around enjoying nature. If you hate fresh air then you’ll hate the Circle Tour!

9. Too many travel games!

The Circle Tour has things like the Lake Superior Ale Trail, Lake Superior Java Journey, Lake Superior Bingo, and Lake Superior Stamp Collecting. These things just make the Circle Tour far too enjoyable!

10. It’s too easy to plan!

The Circle Tour is approximately 1,300 miles (2,092km). Therefore planning it should be a nightmare! But things like the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide, the online Lake Superior Trip Planning Map, and the Lake Superior Circle Tour Mobile App make it way too easy to plan! If you prefer planning a trip and being constantly stressed out during your holidays then the Circle Tour isn’t for you!

Well there you have it. 10 reasons to not travel the Lake Superior Circle Tour. To summarize… it’s just way too much fun!

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