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Bulletproof Coffee and Healthy Shakes at ThunderZone in the Waterfront District

Bulletproof Coffee and Healthy Shakes at ThunderZone in the Waterfront District

You’ve got to try a Bullet Proof Coffee, as much to claim that you’ve had one as for its purported health benefits. Open since August of 2015 Kim Chase and Debbie Spence have combined their knowledge and talents to open a unique coffee and smoothie bar in Thunder Bay, on St. Paul Street, a new hip area in the North Core.



Bullet Proof coffee is a combination of fair trade organic coffee beans, organic unsalted butter and coconut oil, all blended to become a latte. The benefits are increased energy and cognitive functions, boosted metabolism, and improved memory. And it tastes good. The beans used are from Just Us Coffee Roasters, which is Canada’s first fair trade and organic coffee roaster, located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.



ThunderZone, connected to Chase Fitness, has a huge selection of protein shakes, powders and energy supplements with a full vitamin line designed with high bio-availability, meaning that 98% of the nutrients all are used in your body. These vitamins help to supplement nutrients lost from the soil due to a hundred years of crop rotation on farmland.


They also sell organic foods and supplements, such as organic grass-fed beef sticks, Gorp bars, hangover cure (tested by staff), which contains milk thistle to detoxify the liver by allowing the liver to filter out the alcohol more quickly to reduce hangover effects. They also have energy-boosting products like natural toothpaste, a variety of natural sea salts, organic popcorn, cereals, chocolate, hot chocolate, and oils.



Seating is intimate and the environment is cozy and well-lit.

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