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Discover the Hidden Treasure in Greenstone

If you are an adventurer or wilderness seeker in search of the perfect piece of untouched nature, Northwest Ontario is the place to find it. And finding it is about to get a lot easier now that Greenstone Tourism has a new plan in the works to reveal what the town has to offer.

Like our most sacred fishing holes, Greenstone is “a well kept secret,” says Gord Ellis, Northwestern Ontario’s most renowned outdoor journalist.

Gord Ellis Brook TroutGord Ellis holds a Brook Trout

“The cool thing about Greenstone is that it’s still very strongly a wilderness area. Also, from my point of view, it’s a very underused area,” Ellis adds.

The new Greenstone Tourism plan will bring together tourism operators in the region including all outfitters, lodges, hotels and culinary businesses in an effort to showcase the wide range of options it has to offer.

“In Greenstone, a lot of the time you can be on a lake and be completely by yourself, as opposed to other areas where lakes are busy with upwards of 20 boats at a time,” says Brent Henley, Tourism Coordinator for Greenstone Municipality.

“Instead what we offer is truly about finding your exclusive, untouched, uninterrupted spot,” he adds.

FishingPhoto by Goh Iromoto

The idea is to make the region known to the new generation of outdoor enthusiasts - and it is so close to home for those living in Thunder Bay and the Northern States who are looking for a quick getaway.

“It’s also not that expensive or difficult to get to, it’s only a 3.5 hour drive from Thunder Bay,” says Ellis. “If you’re coming up from the States, you can fly and get up there pretty easily. Highway 11 is great to access the Greenstone area.”

Or, if you plan to visit when once the snow hits, Greenstone Tourism is also sharing their best winter finds including their cross-country ski trails, ice fishing hotspots and finest snowmobile trails.

Cross Country SkiingPhoto by Goh Iromoto

“It’s a place I’ve spent a lot of time,” Ellis says. “There’s lots of hunting opportunities for moose, bear and grouse. They have lakes stocked with brook and rainbow trout, and Splake. There are plenty of river systems to explore by canoe.”

As well, Greenstone is focused on the whole family experience, offering family fishing, female fishing, learn to fish programs, and family activities.

ice fishing familyPhoto by Goh Iromoto

“It is particularly attractive to young families and the younger generation because it’s untouched, relatively undeveloped and things are economical. Costs are not inflated and there’s lots of crown land for camping… if you want to rough it and do it old-school, this is the place to do it.”

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