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Prepare to be scared! Haunted Fort Night

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Prepare to be scared! Haunted Fort Night

Images by Fort William Historical Park

Halloween Fun At Fort William Historical Park

Frightening screams, piercing sounds, and creepy bumps in the night are to be expected.

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Startling shrieks and ominous sounds lurk in the background as you and your group wind through the dark, brooding night... apprehension grows... then suddenly, you see a ghastly figure in the corner of your eye... you begin to tremble..."AAHHHH!" - a bloodcurdling scream right beside you! Who is it? What is it? Hairs tingle on the back of your neck...what's next? What's happening???

Welcome to... Haunted Fort Night! It's October Halloween fun at Fort William Historical Park.

This is the stage set each year for what has become one of the most popular Halloween events in Thunder Bay  and all of Northwest Ontario. Frightening scenarios formulated by devious minds transform Fort William Historical Park into a chillingly haunted territory at night. This haunted Halloween walk takes visitors on eerie tours of a dark, nightmarish fur trading post where startling incidents begin to happen along the way...

Guided Nightly Tours with a Twist

The light from the lantern held by a costumed guide bobs ahead in the dark. Your group weaves its way through the inky blackness, wandering about, swathed in darkness. You pass through a series of dimly lit buildings, populated by odd, creepy characters, all with strange stories to tell.

Anyone who loves a hair-raising scare will enjoy the Haunted Fort Night experience! Frightening screams, piercing sounds, and creepy bumps in the night are to be expected. However, due to startling scenes, the Haunted Fort Night is not recommended for children under age 12 (Adult Only tours are also available).

Get Your Advance Tickets

This is a popular event that has been running for nearly two decades, traditionally selling-out year after year.

Haunted Fort Night happens every Thursday to Sunday night throughout October with Fridays and Saturdays the most popular nights. Tickets are available by reservation only and are non-refundable. There are also no rain dates.

Tours begin at 7 p.m. and depart approximately every 10 minutes throughout the evening. The tour itself lasts approximately one hour in length.

On-site you will also be able to test your aim at moving zombie targets in a sniper-style paintball experience! $5 for 50 paintballs.

Tickets are on sale now so reserve your spot. For more information, please check out the Fort William Historical Park website.

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