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Hiking, kayaking and fantastic breakfasts await you at Willows in Rossport

Hiking, kayaking and fantastic breakfasts await you at Willows in Rossport

While touring the North Shore of Lake Superior, plan a stay at the Willows Bed and Breakfast near Rossport, Ontario, about 200km east of Thunder Bay.

The Willows Inn Outside

Willows B&B is a renovated schoolhouse, which had been updated occasionally since the late 1800s. The last schoolhouse renovation was in 1949 and in 2007 renovations turned the schoolhouse into a fully functioning home for Dawn, the owner. The home also functions as a Bed and Breakfast with four rooms for guests, along with two common areas for sitting and dining.

The Willows Inn Sitting Area

Dawn made her move from bustling Vancouver to live in Northwest Ontario in order to slow down the pace of life and live within a quiet and peaceful environment. She spotted the unused schoolhouse and saw an opportunity to be both connected with nature, to be social and earn a living.

The Willows Inn BEdroom

Willows offers access to the new Coastal Trail, part of the Voyageur Trail system. As the trail is still under construction, it is recommended you do a bit of research to see what sections of the trail are completed and closest to you. Near Willows Inn, you can walk a new three-kilometre section from where you can also take boat charters to nearby islands. While you’re there, check out magical views of Lake Superior by hiking the Casque-Isles Trail, a 55km trail running between Rossport and Terrace Bay.

The Willows Inn Interior

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While speaking to Dawn she told a bittersweet story about two gentlemen, a father and son from Wisconsin who visited every year for eight years in a row. They came for four or five days at a time to kayak around the Rossport islands. One day the son called Dawn to let her know that his father who was 94, had passed away. However, he told Dawn that he would continue to visit as Rossport had become a very special place for him, a place with many wonderful memories and “delicious breakfasts!”

Regarding breakfasts, Dawn says, “We also serve organic coffee from St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters. It’s a big hit!” Her descriptions continue. “The menu includes Quiche with spinach & feta, prosciutto & artichoke & sweet bell pepper/ricotta cheese. I have egg dishes: over easy, poached, omelet, scrambled, and oven baked French toast with fresh fruit; homemade pancakes with wild blueberries; locally made breakfast sausages & of course homemade bread and herb fried potatoes.”

If that alone doesn’t inspire a trip to Rossport, nothing will.

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