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A Destination for Fashion

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A Destination for Fashion

One stop fashion shop - Duncan Weller Photo

J.B. Evans Fashion & Footwear

A fourth generation business located in one of Thunder Bay's oldest business districts.

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Jack Moro extolls the virtue of his family business, J.B. Evans. This fashion retailer, formally known as J.B. Evans Fashions & Footwear, has become a part of the cultural fabric of Thunder Bay and the Northwest Ontario region, serving customers in one of the cities original business districts the Westfort Village for close to 50 years. It is one of the local busnesses you will want to shop on a visit to Thunder Bay.

J.B. Evans, looking to online sales in the near future, is a four-generation business that began when a young John Beaconsfield Evans took his skills from the clothing industry in Fort William to begin his own business in 1912. It was handed down from father to son and son again until Jack Moro took over in 1974, and his team has managed to “maintain the Evans standard of quality, service, and style for 42 years.”

“The first thing you’re going to find here are unique products,” says Jack. “The products we’ve chosen for the store are what the masses want, but the clothes are distinctive, middle class in cost but high value in the quality of the goods. The customer gets more value for the money they spend.”

The store offers both men and women casual wear, business attire, fancy dress and top quality shoes. More emphasis is given to various men’s top quality clothing lines. The women’s wear is original, fashionable, and often fantastic, with top-of-line accessories as well.

“I shopped here before I even worked here,” Jack says. Raised in Westfort, he originally did shift work at the mill. His coworkers encouraged him to find work elsewhere, but it was Jack’s wife who encouraged him to try working two weeks at the clothing store. He discovered it was a perfect fit. Since then he’s helped all kinds with finding the right cut, fit and price. “We’ve helped many young people suit up and go.”

Moro is happy to see his son getting involved in the business. “It’s rejuvenating,” says Jack, “with all these young people running around. It puts a bounce in my step. I’ve never felt better.”

With an engaged staff focusing on customer service, J. B. Evans certainly has the energy that makes it a destination to shop for fashion on a visit to Thunder Bay.

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