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Satisfy a Hearty Appetite

Java Hut - Serving Fuel for the Road • Credit: Photos by Duncan Weller
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Satisfy a Hearty Appetite

Java Hut: Big Portions and Nothing But!

There are a lot of thick necks in this place. The skinny necks, wearing sweats, hoodies, ponchos, and slippers are tree planters from near Toronto.

Java Hut counter seats 04

They’ve lined the Java Hut counter and laugh at how they might appear in their photo. They’ve just got back to Thunder Bay from cabins in the bush out by Fort Frances and Armstrong. They’ve strolled over from the Super 8 Motel to join the truckers, bikers, and company men.

Java Hut big servings 06

Most everyone who comes here is looking for fuel for the road. Honking huge slabs of pie sit like mountains between stacks of onion rings, fries, pancakes, bread and bacon. Order the pie with your meal because you’ll have to get back in the long line if you want pie later. The waitress will deliver food, but orders are taken at the counter when you first step through the door.

Java Hut menus 03

Java Hut sausage 05One of the singers from Great Blue Sea in Thunder Bay performing at the Thunder Bay Blues Fest raved about the Java Hut’s perogies, he had the night before.

Inspired, one of the Sea’s fans turned up the next day complete with his Blues Fest t-shirt. “I wanted to find some place different,” he said. “I wanted to avoid all those fast food joints.” And for the size of this guy, he was most likely referring to the size of the meal. He wanted something substantial, more food than a fast food joint could offer a 14 year old to fill his belly. And he got it.

Surprisingly even the big men are having trouble getting their mouths around their food.

Big combos of burgers, dogs & fries, hot sandwiches – food covered with gravy and no skimping on the meat, join forces with oversized omelettes, scramblers and specialty sandwiches.

The comfort food from Java Hut will last you the entire drive to Winnipeg.

Jave Hut Collage

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