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Jazz Nights at The Foundry

Jazz Nights at The Foundry

Every Folk'n Monday leads to Jazzy Thursdays

Since 2014, The Foundry at 242 Red River Road has offered a taste of what is common to many American cities and a growing trend in Canadian cities: jazz clubs or a regular jazz night in a club.

The Foundry’s Thursday Jazz Night’s success is the combination of great local musical talent and the reengineering of the Foundry’s pub space, allowing the musicians' talent to shine front and center where their fans are able to converse during dinner and drinks.

The music generally begins at 7 pm and runs till 10 pm to accommodate older patrons and those who start their day job early. All ages turn up for the event, including families, groups of students and professionals of all stripes.

From the start, Mood Indigo, the talented five-man band, have been a regular main attraction. As regulars they are growing ever stronger, playing jazz classics along with their own creations. Others performing have been Martin Blanchet, Miss Temperance, and flamenco guitarists, such as the talented Matt Sellick. 

Let the Day Happen in Thunder Bay- Culinary Adventures - Music by Matt Sellick

The success of the Thursday night shows has led to Monday night shows, such as the cleverly titled, “Every Folk’n Monday Night” and new Saturday afternoon shows with other combinations of singers and songwriters performing Celtic and blues music. The Foundry is becoming our own little New Orleans and Chicago-styled scene, creating fans and finding people who have an appetite for regular shows. As sound engineer Will Reedpath excitedly states, “I see many of the same people just about every Thursday.” And this is true for other nights as well. 

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