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A Popular Spot for Breakfast and Lunch

• Credit: Photos by Duncan Weller
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A Popular Spot for Breakfast and Lunch

Rooster's Bistro in Thunder Bay's Waterfront District

Rooster’s Bistro
32 St. Paul Street

Roosters Building

It's popularity in Thunder Bay forced Rooster's Bistro to expand further down the length of their entire building on St. Paul St. in heart of the  Waterfront District. In a sunlit stretch of tables down one side of the building, civic workers mix with locals and tourists for hearty noon time fare.

Catering to Breakfast and Lunch Crowd

Open all week, Rooster's is a popular spot for breakfast and lunch. Weekdays the Bistro closes at 4 pm and on the weekends at 2 pm. At noon they are packed, and if you’re in line the wait won’t be long.

Roosters Restaurant

Swirling around Jim Commuzi, the owner, the energetic staff communicates to each other as if they’re working on an active submarine. Jim is calm as he comments on a new creation, a brownie that looks as if an avalanche of chocolate blocks had fallen on a giant square cookie. He’s advising his doubtful cooks on how it should be decorated, with cream and fruit. Jim must have had some influence with Rooster’s winning the Sweet Indulgence Award for their homemade deserts.

Diverse Menu Choices

Roosters Food

The food choices at Rooster's Bistro are of the diverse North American fair: scramblers, porridge, eggs benedict (six kinds!), pancakes, French toast, bagels, burritos, sandwiches (great variety), wraps (good variety), meal sized salads, home-style and gourmet burgers, and extras. For health reasons you might want to avoid the Poutine Extreme. Or not. They have specials of the day; two breakfast specials on the weekend and breakfast is served all day. The servings are sizeable, very tasty, and filling.     

The young waitress with the cool tattoos eagerly informs me that the food is “all real.”

With a grin, she adds, “We find the bird, strip it, and cook it ourselves.”

Their food is locally produced, meaning obtained within fifty kilometers of Thunder Bay.     

Jim has had the entire length of the main wall of the St. Paul St. restaurant retrofitted with large garage style full view doors.

They allow all the light in, and can be drawn up on good days to allow easy access to the patio area Jim has installed on the street the city recently renovated.

In addtion, the rooftop patio is almost complete. So not only do you have lots of food choices you have some great location options.

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