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Vegetarian Delight in Thunder Bay: The Organic Garden Cafe

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Vegetarian Delight in Thunder Bay: The Organic Garden Cafe

Images by Duncan Weller

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Organic Garden Café
415 Fort William Road

Tues to Thurs  11:30 – 6pm
Fridays 11:30 – 8pm
Closed Sunday and Monday


Organic Garden Cafe - exterior

A hidden treasure in Thunder Bay is a little vegetarian eatery that is worth seeking out: The Organic Garden Cafe.  Upon entering, you might wonder what it’s all about. The eatery is but a section of a much larger space, a brewery. There’s a lazy rustic handyman’s feel to the restaurant side, which gives it character. Their prices haven’t been raised in eight years, so the most expensive item on the menu is $8.25, and for meals as filling and healthy as these, that’s a steal!


ORganic Garden Cafe - interior 

A couple of fun quirks about the place are that you have to hit the little beverage station to get your own coffee or water, and all meals are numbered so just fill out the little slip of paper and put it in the order tray.

The owner, Patrick, who has run the place for eleven years, is also the waiter. He will kindly explain everything and get whatever you need. But don’t ask for French fries. “No deep fryer here!” laughs Patrick. “It’s all upscale hippie food. Good, fresh, simple food is what we have.”



At one point Patrick and friends grew all their own food, but as that took up too much time, they now purchase much food from other local growers. The Café scores very high ratings on Tripadvisor Canada because vegetarians travelling through Northwest Ontario, of which there are many, both American and Canadian, spread the word as they seek out such places.

On the menu, “Greenfare” includes a variety of sandwiches and wraps like the T.L.T., Tomato/Pesto, Chickpea Salad, Panini, Avocado/Cucumber, Veggie Club, and Black Bean. There are two types of salads with too many ingredients to list, but all healthy and tasty.




You have a choice of three pizzas: Garden (see photo), Spinach Pesto, and Mediterranean. A Rice Bowl is offered - too many ingredients to list. Soups change every two weeks, and they are original creations “hearty enough to be a meal in itself,” served with Organic Kamut bread and olive oil. Desserts are offered and beverages are obtained at the self-serve “beverage station.” On Fridays customers line up for the Veggie Burger, served only on Friday. And only $7.50!




Go once and you’ll become a regular.

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