On a quiet winter day

S Turn Hill. (Photo credit: Hiawatha Highlands)

Hiawatha Highlands epitomizes why Nordic skiing is such a popular sport

There is truly something special being on a cross country ski trail during a quiet, still, winter day. You can hear the creaks and groans of the trees laden with the fresh snow. These sounds make apparent the great weight that this stuff put on their beautiful branches. Bits of green pop through the forest with the evergreens stubbornly invading the calm whiteness with beautiful shades of green, and the size of the trees tells you the story of how many decades people have enjoyed their mighty splendor.

Hiawatha Highlands is nestled in an untouched, beautiful conservation area on the outskirts of the bustling city of Sault Ste. Marie. This park setting is home to four seasons of activities, but the miles of beautifully groomed cross-country ski trails is by far its claim to fame. Graced with swelling hills, frozen waterfalls, and beautiful forests, Hiawatha truly epitomizes why Nordic skiing is such a popular sport.


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There are over 45 km of groomed trails and 2 km are lit until 9 pm. There is 134 km of double track snowshoeing and even a pilot trail for the ever-growing snow bike enthusiast.

hiawatha highlands crystal creek junction
Fresh track at Crystal Junction. (Photo credit: Hiawatha Highlands)

And when you are done for the day with your skiing excursion, you can warm up in the Kinsmen Centre located on site. Enjoy a hot apple cider, or try a fresh brewed cup of St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters coffee. The Warming Shack will be open six nights a week, Monday to Saturday 9am – 9pm, and Sunday 9am – 5pm.

hiawatha highlands lodge
(Photo credit: Hiawatha Highlands)
mockingbird hill farm
Mockingbird Hill Farm Extension. (Photo credit: Hiawatha Highlands)

If you have never tried cross country skiing, Hiawatha offers instruction as well.

Get out, enjoy winter, breathe in that cold crisp clean air in a picturesque setting at beautiful Hiawatha Highlands.

hiawatha highlands lantern ski
Lantern ski. (Photo credit: Hiawatha Highlands)

For more information about ski passes, rentals and trail conditions visit http://hiawathahighlands.com. Daily and seasonal rates are available. Free parking for all and located only a few minutes’ drive from all the accommodations in the Sault!

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