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Some Things Are Worth Waiting For

We Can't Wait To See You Again

The world is a different place today, but it won't always be that way. That's why we want to let you know that we're here, ready and waiting for you. When travel opens up again, the people in Sunset, Superior, Algoma and Northeastern Ontario will be here to welcome you back to Northern Ontario. And it'll be sooner than you think. 

Until there, check back here for our daily inspirations - something to keep you hopeful, peaceful and happy thinking of your next great trip into the wilderness of Northern Ontario. 


How To Fish, Indigenous Culture, Great Road Trips, and more...


Fishing, Boating, Motorcycle Touring, Paddling, and more...


Our Regions, Landscapes, Towns, and Cities

Take a Tour of the North


First time here? Take a fly-through of our regions by scrolling through this list of places. The map will keep up with you as you scroll.

Northern Ontario

Big, bold, beautiful, welcoming. Start your journey by reading The Best of Northern Ontario

Thunder Bay

Northwestern Ontario's biggest city is home to rugged nature and fine dining.

Superior Country

Lake Superior is the biggest fresh water lake in the world, and its North Shore is the most incredible. Welcome to Superior Country.

Sunset Country

Further north and west of Lake Superior is the gigantic area known as Sunset Country, home to the best fishing in the world.

Algoma Country

This region is so rugged and beautiful that it inspired the most famous paintings in Canadian history—the Group of Seven.

Sault Ste Marie

The biggest city in Algoma Country, the Soo is located on the border between Canada and the US, along the St. Mary's River. It's your gateway to the North via the Agawa Tour Train.

Northeastern Ontario

Only hours from major Canadian cities like Ottawa and Toronto, Northeastern Ontario is where you go to get away, right now.


The biggest city in Northern Ontario, Sudbury has nurtured a unique cultural scene that includes a world-class film festival and Science Center.


This site is home to the most comprehensive resources about outdoor adventures in Northern Ontario. Jump to sections dedicated to: Fishing, Hunting, Motorcycle Touring, ATVing, Boating, Paddling, Cycling, Outdoor Adventures, and RVing.

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