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Wide Open Spaces

Great rates, no crowds, and an experience of a lifetime. Plan your Northern Ontario resort vacation now.

Summer is finally here. And there's no better place for your first post-pandemic vacation than an all-inclusive resort in Northern Ontario.

Why? Because life up here is how summer should be. It’s how you spent your summers as a kid, if you were lucky. It’s a place where the days are long, the lakes are calm and uncrowded, and life seems a bit simpler. It’s a place where the fish are plentiful and always biting. Where the campfire crackles at the end of a long sunny day. It’s a place to unplug, set your out of office, let someone else take care of you, for once. 

There’s nothing like it in the world, which is why international travellers come by the thousands to our wilderness resorts every year. Except for this year. Which is why now is the best time to visit.

Great rates, no crowds, and an experience of a lifetime. 

Come explore our wide-open spaces with a Northern Ontario resort vacation. 

After the year we’ve had, you’ve earned it. 


Now is the time to book your late summer, early autumn vacation. For more information on how to book your Northern Ontario 2021 lodge vacation, visit Sunset CountryAlgoma CountryNortheastern Ontario, and Superior Country.  

What is a lodge?

A lodge is a little bit of paradise on earth. Think of it as a relaxing all-inclusive resort minus the crowded pools, sunburns, and long flight. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your meals, housekeeping, and outdoor equipment like fishing gear, kayaks, and canoes are all provided.

What is there to do at a Northern Ontario resort?

World-class fishing. If you’ve never fished before, no worries. Our resorts have fishing guides that will provide the gear, take you out on the lake, and help you catch (and release) a big one. The lakes and rivers up here are packed with walleye, perch, lake trout and brook trout, muskie, and pike, to name a few. In fact, the largest brook trout in the world was caught up here. If you’ve never taken a selfie with a fish, now’s your chance. Find resorts that cater to new anglers by choosing one part of Ontario's Experience Fishing program. 

Unplug. You know you need it. The notifications, the emails, the endless video calls—it’s all become too much. It’s time to reward yourself with a vacation that lets you enjoy nature IRL, not as a screensaver. 

Hike & Bike & Swim & Paddle. Depending on which lodge you choose, you’ll have access to a vast network of hiking and biking trails, plus pristine freshwater lakes for swimming. From the boreal forest to the Canadian shield, our landscapes were made for exploring. Canoes, kayaks, and other equipment are all provided by the lodge. All you have to do is show up!  

Create. Bring your sketchbook, your journal, your knitting needles, your screenplay, and allow our Ontario landscapes to inspire. This is the land that inspired the Group of Seven, and countless other artists before and after. Let the creative juices flow! Many lodges offer a variety of classes for the whole family.

Enjoy Canadian cuisine. Try a shore lunch. Enjoy desserts made with local berries like haskap or blueberries. Whether it’s mom and pop home cooking or a renowned chef, Ontario’s lodges are known for their excellent dining options. 

In short, there’s plenty to do at a lodge, but there’s also lots of nothing to do, too, if that’s your thing. Sunbathe, read, and enjoy 

What kind of resort lodges are there?

What type of lodge you choose depends on how far away from the modern world you want to get. Enjoy a lodge retreat after a leisurely road trip or take to the skies to reach your destination. 

  1. Drive-to lodges. This is just what it sounds like, and likely how you’re accustomed to arriving at your vacation destination. Follow your GPS and enjoy the ride. 
  2. Boat-in lodges. Many of our lodges are accessible by water only. This is how lodges were meant to be experienced. It’s how the Indigenous people travelled before European contact, and how the Voyageurs did it, too. 

  3. Fly-in lodges. This is the real deal lodge experience. This is where your GPS won’t help you. These are lodges that can only be accessed by float plane—a once in a lifetime bucket list experience. Imagine soaring above the green blanket of treetops, circling above your own private lake, and coming in to land right on the water, where you’ll be greeted by welcoming lodge staff. This is flying as it’s meant to be. You don’t even have to take off your shoes! ;)

Our lodges are all across Northern Ontario. To help choose which lodge vacation is right for you, visit our subregions to learn more: Sunset Country, Algoma Country, Northeastern Ontario, and Superior Country

What are the dining options at a Northern Ontario lodge? Do I have to bring my own food?

To make the guest experience as stress-free as possible, most lodges offer all-inclusive plans. These are called American plans, in honour of our Southern neighbours who flock to Ontario lodges every summer and expect only the best. The American plan includes all your meals as well as daily housekeeping services. If you prefer to cook for some reason, there’s a housekeeping-only option.

But I have a cottage. How is this different?

Bustling resort towns are fine, but they’re often crowded, the lakes are noisy with watercraft, music and voices carry across the water, wildlife sightings are non-existent, and Wifi, cell phones, and TVs are ubiquitous. To experience the true north in Ontario, a lodge is the answer. Lodges are often the only structure on the entire lake which means a 100% private wilderness experience for you and your family. Wildlife sightings are common, and the lakes are quiet except for the call of the loons. Once visitors have experienced the difference, they always come back for more.

Isn’t it kind of expensive? I’m not even leaving the province.

An all-inclusive lodge in Northern Ontario is comparable to a Caribbean or European getaway. And as those aren’t an option this year, unfortunately, it’s high time for Ontarians to discover what Americans and Europeans have known for years—an Ontario lodge vacation is the trip of a lifetime, and well worth the investment. Book today, and think of it as a happiness down payment.

Come explore our wide-open spaces up north. book your ultimate Canadian lodge vacation  today

For more information on how to book your Northern Ontario 2021 lodge vacation, visit Sunset Country, Algoma Country, Northeastern Ontario, and Superior Country.  

Virtual Marketplaces

Check out our comprehensive list of businesses across the North coming together to stop the spread of COVID-19. Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives.

Algoma Country

Superior Country

Sunset Country

Northeastern Ontario

Take a Tour of the North


First time here? Take a fly-through of our regions by scrolling through this list of places. The map will keep up with you as you scroll.

Northern Ontario

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Thunder Bay

Northwestern Ontario's biggest city is home to rugged nature and fine dining.

Superior Country

Lake Superior is the biggest fresh water lake in the world, and its North Shore is the most incredible. Welcome to Superior Country.

Sunset Country

Further north and west of Lake Superior is the gigantic area known as Sunset Country, home to the best fishing in the world.

Algoma Country

This region is so rugged and beautiful that it inspired the most famous paintings in Canadian history—the Group of Seven.

Sault Ste Marie

The biggest city in Algoma Country, the Soo is located on the border between Canada and the US, along the St. Mary's River. It's your gateway to the North via the Agawa Tour Train.

Northeastern Ontario

Only hours from major Canadian cities like Ottawa and Toronto, Northeastern Ontario is where you go to get away, right now.


The biggest city in Northern Ontario, Sudbury has nurtured a unique cultural scene that includes a world-class film festival and Science Center.

North Bay

A lively city on the shores of beautiful Lake Nipissing, North Bay has been a vacation destination for nature-loving Ontarians for over a hundred years.


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