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Superior Country
Endless Northern Ontario Activities
Superior Country
Endless Northern Ontario Activities

You find yourself in the centre of Canada. You see a massive lake, tall coniferous and deciduous trees all around you, a majestic moose and woodland creatures, and a night sky untouched by city lights above you. At the base of your feet lies the river that produced the World Record Brook Trout. This is Superior Country!

Superior Country is a place to soak in the beauty as you hike the Sleeping Giant or walk the Casque Isle Trail. A place to feel a cool breeze and the mist of Lake Superior upon your face as you reel in a catch of a lifetime. Superior Country is where you go to get away. A place of pure relaxation with exciting adventures waiting to be experienced.

In Superior Country, we have the perfect mixture of outdoor lifestyle and city living. Thunder Bay provides the combination of both, while the surrounding communities act as your personal gateway to the backcountry, where world-class fishing, hunting, paddling, hiking, and camping await you.

Whether Superior Country is your destination, or you’re passing through along your Lake Superior Circle Tour, this beautiful section of Ontario must be discovered. In Superior Country we don’t just talk about our activities, we make them a part of our life. Experience the heart of Ontario, experience Superior Country!

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