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A Food Revolution is Underway

A Food Revolution is Underway

The Breakfast Pig Badass Eatery makes delicious food from scratch

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Angela Caputo is a business woman with a plan and a mission. When she opened her restaurant just two and a half years ago, she knew exactly what she wanted and how she wanted to present her concept to her customers and to the community.

Born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Angela has been working in the food industry for over 15 years. With all of her experience, serving and managing restaurants, bars and food establishments, she always wanted to own her own place. She knew what worked and what didn’t, and listened carefully to her customers. She describes herself as a foodie and knows there are many in the area who do as well.

the breakfast pig owner angela caputo

(Photo credit: Sandra Trainor)

After applying her industry experience and knowledge and seeing a gap in the breakfast/brunch restaurant offerings in Sault Ste. Marie, Angela seized the opportunity to open The Breakfast Pig – Badass Eatery in 2015. When asked about the name, she said that while walking her dog one day, she noticed her neighbour was keeping a pig in the backyard. Soon it was a routine for her and her dog to visit the pig. The pig’s name was Breakfast. That’s where the inspiration came from. She wanted to serve mind-blowing and creative food, hence the Badass Eatery tagline. Now, regular customers know the restaurant as The Pig. Tourists and newcomers, are intrigued by the unique name.

She believes there is a food revolution underway, and as part of this movement people know that whole food made from scratch can also be delicious and the spin-off is that one can “Eat in Good Conscience.”


(Photo credit: The Breakfast Pig)

Angela also believes in helping people understand where their food comes from. She set out looking for farmers who shared her vision and philosophy, and who raised animals locally, humanely, and fed them corn, soy and GMO-free food products. It was through this search that she found Sandy and Craig Holmberg of Sunnynook Farms, who not only took a leap of faith and first started raising pork exclusively for The Breakfast Pig, but also ensured that the animals are processed locally at Northern Quality Meat Abattoir in Desbarats, and butchered at Bruni’s Fine Foods in Sault Ste. Marie.

breakfast pig and sunnynook farms

(Photo credit: The Breakfast Pig)

The beauty of this arrangement is that Sunnynook Farms works with Angela to make sure that the pigs are fed to certain specifications which includes a pea/barley and apple finished diet. 100% of the pork served at The Breakfast Pig is sourced locally, from Algoma, year-round. Sayer’s Fisheries, Thomson’s Farms, Irwin’s Maple Products, and Lock City Dairies are also area producers where many of the menu ingredients are sourced.

angla caputo and sunnynook farms

(Photo credit: The Breakfast Pig)

During the growing season, Angela ensures there is a “Farmers’ Feature” on her daily menu, where she would shop at Mill Market and pick up what is fresh and in season, then creates a dish from it. The regular menu is creative, diverse and delicious. Some would be surprised to learn that there are vegan and vegetarian options on the menu too. She is proud that The Breakfast Pig has a healthy following of customers who come for the vegetarian food after they come from the gym.

breakfast pig menu features

(Photo credit: Sandra Trainor)

(Photo credit: The Breakfast Pig)

As for the front of the house, she wanted the restaurant’s atmosphere to be inclusive and welcoming. She instills in her staff that they must be courteous and nice to everyone, no matter what. The Breakfast Pig employs around 15 people, and Angela takes a lot of pride in her team.

Angela’s outlook is one that I appreciate and believe in because she not only sources locally grown and raised food, but her restaurant does not offer single use bottled water, nor plastic straws. The takeout containers are compostable and she understands that reducing our environmental footprint is not only cost effective, but benefits the planet in the bigger picture. She cares deeply about the environment and about the people eating her food.


(Photo credit: The Breakfast Pig)

Just four months ago, she decided to buy the building the restaurant is located in and she has big plans coming up for the property and her business.

In 2017, a special “Meet Your Farmer” event was planed in partnership with Sunnynook Farms and was a big success.

eggs benedict

(Photo credit: The Breakfast Pig)

Angela told me she also wants to create an outdoor patio for parties and regular patrons. The restaurant recently got its liquor licence, offering a “new era of brunching” with a limited liquor menu including Mimosas, Caesars, Coffee with Bailey’s and local IPA beer from Outspoken Brewery.

Tourists can find The Breakfast Pig through Google and social media. The restaurant also gets many referrals by local hotels, whose guests are looking for a great place to eat breakfast.

breakfast pig breakfast

(Photo credit: The Breakfast Pig)

In 2018, Angela Caputo was awarded the “Mover and Shaker of the Year” by Strive: Young Professionals Group at the Algoma Visionary Awards Gala. This young business woman is a positive force in the community and people are noticing!

Due to COVID-19, The Breakfast Pig is available for take out and delivery only, however hours may have been adjusted. Please contact them directly for details.

Location: 265 Bruce St. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Call: (705) 450-6911
Hours: Monday – Sunday 8 AM – 4 PM
Follow The Breakfast Pig on Facebook

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