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Why Algoma is the Perfect Place to Vacation

• Credit: James Smedley
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Why Algoma is the Perfect Place to Vacation

10 reasons why Algoma should be your summer or fall destination

No crowds, plenty of kayaks for everyone, and a short drive from, well, wherever you are. Algoma is the perfect spot to relax this summer and fall.

Summer is upon us. We know after a long few months many of you are now looking for places to relax, rediscover your sense of calm, and find some peace. Look no further. Welcome to Algoma Country! Learn to kayak away from the crowds. Relax in a lodge that's been meticulously sanitized. Arrive by car to your own private lake in just a few hours. Up here in Algoma, we're pleased to let you know we've found the perfect antidote for modern-day anxiety. And we'd love to share it with you. Right now. Check out these ten reasons you need to hit up Algoma Country this summer.  

1. The Great Outdoors.

Photo Credit: James Smedley

Being in nature is the perfect break from the mental effort it takes to stay safe. Being in nature will relax you and relieve some of the stress that comes with a global crisis like this. Luckily in Algoma, there is wilderness, incredible landscapes and hundreds of lakes, rivers and streams to ease everyone that comes here to enjoy our pristine nature and outdoors. Whether it’s a short hike to a scenic lookout or paddling just outside the door of a waterfront cottage, Algoma Country is the place to be fully submerged in the wilderness.

2. It's a great place for a Family Getaway. 

Photo Credit: James Smedley

A great way to spend time as a family is to enjoy many of the outdoor activities available up here in Northern Ontario. Many family-friendly cottage resorts, lodges, hotels, motels and campgrounds offer a great atmosphere made for families–with beaches, playgrounds, and more. Depending on the type of getaway there are many options. Try a family fishing adventure at a remote fishing lodge, or stay in a cabin/cottage on the lake where the kids can play on the beach and get in the water. Our region’s hotels and motels are close to nature with great opportunities for hiking, cycling, or fishing.

3. It's a great time to Learn a New Outdoor Activity. 

Photo Credit: James Smedley

Now is a great time to try something that you've never done before. Our region is filled with outfitters and guides to help you learn a new outdoor activity or skill. Learn to kayak and stand-up paddleboard on Lake Superior, or learn to fish with one of our local guide services or at one of the many great lodges and resorts in the area. 

4. All those Natural Attractions and Landscapes. 

Photo Credit: James Smedley

Depending on where you stay, there are many natural attractions to visit within a short drive. From natural attractions like Potholes Provincial Provincial Park and Aubrey Falls to scenic trails that overlook Pancake Bay, there are many natural wonders to take in. Other attractions such as waterfalls, scenic lookouts, and provincial parks are plentiful and provide a variety of things to do in the outdoors. The rugged landscapes can be taken in along many of the region’s roadways.

5. it's a Place to Relax and Unwind. Far Away from your fellow citizens. 

Photo Credit: Travis Favretto

Imagine sitting by the lake watching the sunset through your cottage window. Sounds great, doesn’t it? That is one of the perks of staying at a resort. Sitting back relaxing after a long day of fishing or just enjoying the outdoors. The quiet as you sit looking up at the dark night sky filled with thousands of stars is enough to reduce the everyday stress. This is a vacation from it all, in its truest form. You might get lucky and get a glimpse of the northern lights.

6. We're Easily Accessible by Car or RV.

Photo Credit: Destination Ontario

Our location is easily accessible by car or RV no matter the direction you come from. This makes it easy to load up your vehicle or RV and head to any destination in our region. Many of the drive-to lodges, motels, hotels and campgrounds are a short drive from the main roads. For remote destinations, fly-in lodges offer ample parking for their guests and a short flight to their lodges. Train-in lodges are also a short train ride into the wilderness from the train stations.

7. It's A Safe Place to Vacation. Because we know you're not into crowds right now. 


Photo Credit: Lodge Eighty Eight

The well-being of visitors is the top priority of all tourism businesses in the North. The region’s tourism and hospitality industry work hard to create healthy environments to ensure your peace of mind. We chatted with a few lodge owners about the specific steps they're taking to help guests feel safe while they're soaking up that amazing Ontario sun.

Photo Credit: Lodge Eighty Eight

At Lodge Eight Eight the staff and owners have implemented a number of new protocols to keep its guests safe, although they note, "not a lot has changed as we've always been a little over the top when it comes to good public hygiene!" All surfaces are cleaned and disinfected between guests including light switches, doors, dressers, lamps, and even windows and window sashes. Linens including pillow covers and mattress covers are removed and laundered while upholstery and carpets are sanitized.  "Cabins are also rotated on a weekly basis, when we can, to ensure we don't rush and to ensure at least 5 nights between guests." Additionally, housekeeping is limiting room visits to trash and towel collection--as always fresh towels and service items are available on request.

Photo Credit: Waterfalls Lodge

At Waterfalls, the lodge staff continues to maintain their high standards of cleaning and sanitizing. "We at Waterfalls have been following all the government regulations, plus some, to make everything safe for customers and staff." They have implemented contactless check-in and physical distancing measures. "Our cleaning really has not changed since COVID-19 all the things they asked us to do when the pandemic hit Ontario we were already doing," they say. That's just the sort of hospitality that Northern Ontario is known for--so all visitors have to do is show up and relax, knowing their health and safety are being looked after.  

8. theres More Wilderness than People.

Photo Credit: Algoma Country

With a population of approximately 125,000 in the Algoma district and 28,000 square miles of wilderness, it is a fact that there is more wilderness than people per square mile. The aerial views alone go on for miles and give you a better idea of how big our region really is. You will definitely find the secluded vacation you’re looking for here. Have you ever experienced a remote outpost on a lake where you have all to yourself? Talk about no people for miles.

9. If you Already live here, you don't have that far to go. Get out and Explore Your Own Backyard!

Photo Credit: Virgil Knapp

Ontario is a massive province and it would take you a full 24 hours to drive from one end to the other. But if you are going to drive from one end to the other, why not stop in the heart of Northern Ontario: Algoma Country. The region is positioned on Lake Superior and Lake Huron and is one of those unique places where you can access two of the biggest great lakes within an hour or two. If you live in the North, now is the time to explore what’s in your own backyard and drive a short distance. The hospitality in this region is first-class. Experience why guests return year after year to Algoma.

10. Escape the Crowds. Did we mention there are no crowds here? 

Photo Credit: James Smedley

At this point in time, many people still don't feel like being in a crowd right now. If you are looking to escape the crowds and require some space, heading North is your best bet to achieve this goal. As mentioned before there is a lot of space in the region to make you feel safe and comfortable. If you feel like getting away from the crowds and want a relaxing vacation, head north to Algoma Country.

When Planning your Trip

We hope you will choose Algoma as a vacation destination this summer or fall and support our tourism businesses. Learn more about planning your trip on the Algoma website or phone the office to speak directly with staff at 1-800-263-2546.

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