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Test Your Fishing Smarts

Illustrations: Kinnon Elliott

How deep is your fishing knowledge? Find out here... and get some hot tips on fishing spots.

No matter what kind of angler you are, how good your gear is, or what species you’re going after, we all know that there’s always more to learn about our favourite sport.

There’s no doubt that if you’re reading this, you enjoy fishing and you know a bit about it. But before you head out on your Northern Ontario fishing trip (making sure to pick up your fishing licence first, of course), we’re going to give you the opportunity to test your knowledge, and see if you can’t learn a thing or two.

As you make your way through, each correct answer will reveal our top choices for destinations in the fish-filled waters of Northern Ontario.

And if you get one wrong, no worries—we’ll point you to some expert advice from our archives that will be sure to make your next trip that much better.

Just like heading out on any one of the thousands of lakes, rivers, and streams in the North, it’s a challenge you can't really lose.

Question 1: When walleye are relaxing in shallow, shady water, the best place to cast for them is:

Question 2: When fishing for muskie, anglers should fish fast presentations in order to cover water:

Question 3: Smallmouth bass return to their spring spawning sites in the fall:

Question 4: In the fall, walleye are more likely to be found in:

Question 5: Regardless of species, the biggest fish tend to arrive at their summer peak locations:

Question 6: In comparison to other fish, muskies are:

Question 7: When choosing a fishing lure, what is the most important feature?

Question 8: When I go walleye fishing early in the season, I always look for:

Find Your True North
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