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Spring is in the Air!

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Spring is in the Air!

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4 tips and recommendations to help prepare anglers for open water fishing season

It's time to take stock of your gear, and get ready for spring. Don't skip these essential steps.

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Well, as one of the worst years in my lifetime it sure was nice to see 2020 hit the road. It's now time to look forward to things blossoming, trees growing leaves, fish moving shallow to spawn, and getting back out on the water.

Before I even think about going fishing I get things ready for the season. First I pull out all of my stuff and do an inventory, from rods to baits to even clothing for the different weather changes. Some of the things I do to prepare are:

1. Check Your Rod & Reels


I check all my rods, reels, and line and I make sure to look over all my rods for any guides missing or wrap coming off, then I take my reels apart and grease them up so there is no sand or dust in the gears and then I move onto the line.

2. check your Fishing Lines


When it comes to fishing lines nowadays, there are so many superb lines out there that can last for years on your reel. I use Suffix 832 braid and love it, it has no memory so there is no coil when it comes off the reel, it casts a long way and is very strong. I change my line if it changes colour from the sun or from the water and I also look for frays in the line as well.

3. Clean out your Tackle Box


I take a look in my tackle box next. I am looking for rusty hooks first and then I start to organize for species so I can put walleye tackle in one tray and bass tackle in another and so on.

4. dust off those fishing duds


Clothing is actually quite important but this seems to be something a lot of people overlook. It is very important to have proper clothing when heading out fishing, right from hats to rain suits to the proper shirts. When it comes to the sun in this day and age I do not fool around because when you’re on the water as long as I am during the fishing season, you want to be protected and comfortable.



  • I start with a good hat that can breathe
  • Move down to a buff (a cloth over your face)
  • A long-sleeve microfiber shirt that is breathable
  • Either cotton pants or longer shorts that cover the knee
  • I top it all off with sunblock applied 3 to 4 times a day.


Being this well prepared might sound a little much but when I am comfortable, I concentrate more, and when I concentrate I catch more fish! So before your buddy says let’s going fishing this spring and summer, be prepared and you will have a way better experience and catch more fish!

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