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Walleye Sunsets on Lake of the Woods

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Walleye Sunsets on Lake of the Woods

A Northwestern Ontario paradise with excellent walleye fishing

Sunset Cove Resort in Lake of the Woods is the perfect base for anglers.

Welcome to the land of breathtaking sunsets and succulent-tasting walleye.

Having a career that offers us the opportunity to visit and fish countless regions and lakes that sometimes hardly see another fisherman for weeks on end, it still amazes me the popularity of the world-famous Lake of the Woods and just how good the fishing remains year after year.

Conservative fish management and catch and release practices account for a lot of the success as well as the natural structure elements of this grand lake and the thousands of rock shoals, gravel bars, weed beds, and flowing water from rivers that make this lake one of the finest in terms of numbers of walleyes.

We’re fortunate once again to schedule a trip to Northwest Ontario this past summer and visit with the friendly and gracious hosts of Sunset Cove Resort in Nestor Falls on Lake of the Woods.

The resort is nestled in a perfect location of the lake with protected bays and excellent fishing for walleyes a short distance from the dock.

Nestor Falls, a tourist town recently placed second in WFN's (World Fishing Network) ultimate fishing town. The resort has everything you will need to make your vacation a lifetime of precious memories. They are fully equipped with seven modernized cabins that have air conditioning, heat, satellite TV, WiFi, indoor washrooms and showers, your own BBQ, and fish fryers on the sandy beach.

Cabins are fully equipped with everything you will need. This place feels like home.

All you have to bring is your food and drinks. The resort is able to supply its guests and customers with everything from cabin rentals, live bait, tackle, boat rentals, professional guide service, fishing, ice fishing, clothing and hunting excursions. Their beach is safe, clean and family-friendly, canoes, paddleboats, and kayaks are available free of charge for guests.

There is a boat launch on-site for those of you who bring your own boat. The landscape is nice and flat and right on Lake of the Woods. This makes for an easy and hassle-free walk to the lake. There are chairs and picnic tables on the beach surrounding a gorgeous fire pit. They just recently built a beautiful dock house over Lake of the Woods. The dock house has a large built-in table bar that easily seats twenty-plus people around it. This is a popular gathering place during both the day and evening for guests. They have over two hundred and fifty feet of brand-new docks with power at each dock slip.

The sunsets at this resort are breathtaking!

Fishing is one of the most popular activities to do in Nestor Falls. Sunset Cove Resort is located on Sabaskong Bay, which is known for being one of the finest areas when seeking your trophy Muskie!

Walleye, muskie, bass, perch, crappie…they have it all! If you are interested in catching trout, Crow Lake and Whitefish Bay are only minutes away. Fishing is what they do, and they do it well! They'll share with you their secret hot spots or supply you with an experienced guide. The resort welcomes all anglers, from babies to seniors. Some of the finest fish have been captured by children, creating some of the greatest memories of their youth. 

Sunset Cove Resort really is a destination to consider in 2021 for a memorable family vacation, a buddy’s annual fishing trip, or just a weekend to get away and work on your tan on their beach.

Our trip was business first, and pleasure second.

We fished for walleye for a few days with owner Mike Gate, an experienced guide and fisherman on Lake of the Woods as you will find anywhere, the man just knows the lake and conditions inside out from spending his entire life fishing here and did not disappoint when he said, "We will catch walleye."

We fished a variety of shoals, mid-lake reefs and long tapering island points that ranged in depth from thirty-plus feet to as shallow as five feet, catching a kind of walleye from 14 to 25-plus inches with ball head jigs and live minnows with sensitive walleye rods by St. Croix.

Our evenings were as memorable as the walleye fishing as we shared social time with other guests and the resort owners in the lakeside dock house and large gazebo as Mike transitioned from a fishing guide to a chef and prepared numerous mouth-watering meals ranging from slow-smoked steaks and roasts to fresh-caught walleye and fries while witnessing sunset after sunset at lake's edge. Priceless moments with good people.

When the time is safe to travel, consider Sunset Cove Resort in Northwest Ontario, you can take my word for it, this location really is filled with memorable sunsets and walleye.

plan your trip to sunset cove resort

Web: www.sunsetcoveresort.net
Call: 1-888-484-2192
Email: mgate@sympatico.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sunsetcove.camp

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