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Witch Bay Camp

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Witch Bay Camp

Secluded drive-to fishing on Lake of the Woods

A drive-to destination for great food, great lodging and incredible fishing.

Witch Bay is located on a secluded bay on the giant one million-acre Lake of the Woods. The seven-mile drive off the highway winds through beautiful Ontario terrain with their closest neighbor 12 miles away, a rarity for a drive-to lodge in this part of Ontario. Owners Steve and Gail Hockett will make you feel right at home like they have been for over two decades. Steve actually started working here when he was just 21 years old. Their daughter, Caitlin, works at the camp also. And their son, Mike, has worked there as well. We had the pleasure to spend some time on the water fishing with both Steve and Mike. Mike has some pretty awesome stories during his many seasons of muskie guiding. There is a lot of history in the area besides the fishing, including the nearby Wendigo Gold Mine, which ran from 1899 to 1943.

wendigo gold mine

Photo of the Wendigo Gold Mine. (Photo credit: Lindner Media)

For accommodations, they offer both modern and rustic cabins. We stayed in a spacious new log cabin. And the added touch of having coffee delivered to your cabin each morning made it even better.

witch bay camp new cabin

(Photo credit: Lindner Media)
witch bay camp aerial

(Photo credit: Lindner Media)

Walleye is the main target here, along with the GIANT TROPHY MUSKIE. We're talking 50-inch plus fish-of-lifetime! Looking through their annual brochure, it is filled with huge muskie from the previous. It's not uncommon when walleye fishing to get into some jumbo perch too. Did I mention all the smallmouth that populate the countless shallow rock piles and weed beds?!

witch bay camps musky

(Photo credit: Lindner Media)

The boat fleet is armed with 17 to 18-foot Lund and Crestliners, fully outfitted with electronics, trolling motors, live wells, life jackets, and landing nets. The dock staff tops off the boats with fuel each evening and plugs them in to ensure a full charge for the electronics and trolling motor.

angler holding perch

(Photo credit: Lindner Media)

Make sure your stay includes a Wednesday! Every Wednesday is the camp shore lunch and every Thursday is steak night. Fortunately, we were there to get a taste of both. All lodging packages include all-you-can-eat meals, three a day. Bring an appetite!

witch bay camp steak night

(Photo credit: Lindner Media)

Something very unique they offer is the "Witch Bay Fishing Program", included at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE with your stay! This is a great way to get the lay of the land and hit the ground, err water, running when you venture out on your own. Their seasoned knowledgeable guide staff will show you the How-To's to maximize your time there. This includes going over a map in detail to mark fishing areas, different fishing presentations, and answering any questions you may have.

Near 85% of the people that stay at Witch Bay Camp return again, according to Steve. It is a very good bet you will be able to add me to that list. Roughly an eight-hour drive from Minneapolis, and depending on traffic, a one-day drive from Milwaukee or Chicago is possible. A drive-to destination, not far across the border from Minnesota, for great food, great lodging, and incredible fishing! The extended season is available for Housekeeping rates in October, and then in November for whitetail deer hunts.

For more information, visit www.witchbay.com

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