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Biker Grub—BBQ and Beyond

Pork belly. Pork belly. Pork belly. Pork belly. Pork belly. Pork belly... Courtesy of Muddy's Pit BBQ in Keene, ON
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Biker Grub—BBQ and Beyond

No messin' around—11 restaurants that are satisfying ravenous riders this season. Each one is worth planning a trip around!

We’re a big fan of roads—we love exploring a new area and finding new riding grounds, or hitting a well-known backroad and timing all the curves perfectly. 

But we know that we cannot live on roads alone. The mind (and body) crave all sorts of experiences. Today, we’re focusing on one of the best reasons to ride Ontario—the top restaurants to ride your bike to. 

We’ve chosen these places based on their proximity to local routes, their suitability to motorcyclists, and the quality and uniqueness of their food. You won’t find any fast food on this list, and we’ve tried to lean towards the local wherever possible.

Don’t be shy—if you’ve got a restaurant that you think should be included, please email us at ian@thenewbusiness.ca.

The Top Motorcycle Restaurants in Ontario

In no particular order:

Region: Sunset Country
Closest Motorcycle Route: The Nor’Wester
What Makes it Great: Blueberry BBQ sauce and killer ribs
Best Dish: St. Louis Style Ribs, which are grilled rather than smoked (although the smoked wings are pretty awesome too!)

Region: Northwest Ontario
Closest Motorcycle Routes: Ride Lake Superior and the Nor’Wester
What Makes it Great: The decor and the history. Built in 1918, the Hoito was originally a Finnish social club set up for the miners working in Thunder Bay.
Best Dish: Pancakes. You gotta.

The Breakfast Pig in Sault Ste. Marie

Region: Algoma Country
Closest Motorcycle Route: Ride Lake Superior, The Grand Algoma
What Makes it Great: Billing itself as the best breakfast in the Soo, we know more than a few riders who would agree
Best Dish: The Breakfast Pig Omelette is chock full of local meats and will probably keep you running all day long. Consider sharing!

Muddy’s Pit BBQ in Keene


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Region: Peterborough and the Kawarthas
Closest Motorcycle Route: City Escape Route and Ride the Highlands
What Makes it Great: This is a true BBQ place, with massive smokers right outside the big patio. There’s some indoor seating amongst the charming bric-a-brac. 
Best Dish: Ribs. But if you’re adventurous, they do a killer smoked bologna.

Region: Sunset Country
Closest Motorcycle Route: The Nor’Wester
What Makes it Great: The venue is probably the best way to enjoy a pint after a long ride, with a big open-air patio. Anyone cool in Kenora is spending their night here.
Best Dish: The Shore Lunch BLT is the perfect way to sample the local cuisine, with lake walleye! We also kinda love the Firehall Fries, a hot take on poutine. 

Region: Ontario’s Highlands
Closest Motorcycle Route: The Highlands Loop
What Makes it Great: Authentic Polish food on some of the best riding in the province. If you’re around at night, they have some pretty great music due to all the talented hippies populating the surrounding landscape.
Best Dish: Pierogies. They are as big as a fist and full of delicious dumpling goodness. But everything here is good.

Pierogi plate at the Wilno Tavern (Photo: Chris Hughes)

Ted’s Range Road Diner in Meaford

Region: Bruce Grey Simcoe
Closest Motorcycle Route: Fuel Up Tour
What Makes it Great: Ted’s seems to pride itself on serving every type of animal meat on the legal market. If you’re looking for an ostrich burger at the end of a long ride, this is the place for you!
Best Dish: Try the bison! Leaner than beef, but somehow more tender, it has an incredible flavour.

Region: Hamilton, Halton, and Brant
Closest Motorcycle Route: Snake Road—Best in the South
What Makes it Great: A big wide open parking area right out front seems to scream for some motorcycles to fill it in. Vintage charm and a picnic area out back make it great for group tours.
Best Dish: The Super Hoser—mostly because it’s the most Canadian thing we’ve ever seen.

Quaker Oaks Farm

Idyllic location for a rest stop. Photo courtesy of Kawartha Lakes

Region: Bruce Grey Simcoe
Closest Motorcycle Route: Explorers’ Edge Big Loop
What Makes it Great: Friendly stop on the way to the Big Loop or Ride the Highlands
Best Dish: Get a bottle of the horseradish! Perfect for Bloody Caesars.

Region: Ontario’s Southwest
Closest Motorcycle Route: Visit Middlesex Route
What Makes it Great: A new place catering explicitly to riders, the season is slightly longer here in the south, so it’s open for riders that much longer.
Best Dish: BURGERS! There’s even a “Cruise the Coast” burger specifically made for riders!

Region: Northeastern Ontario
Closest Motorcycle Route: The Great Legends Tour
What Makes it Great: A real country vibe, plenty of parking and friendly service. This might be the spot for the mostly northerly ribs on our list!
Best Dish: Ribs, but also nachos. Their nachos are soooooo good. 

We’re always on the hunt for more moto-friendly restaurants, so please send us your recommendations!

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