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Escape the 400s – Ride Free of the Ontario Super Highway System

Escape the 400s – Ride Free of the Ontario Super Highway System

Ontario is home to tens of thousands of kilometres of pavement, with hundreds of incredible roads and dozens of great routes. What you've got to watch out for are the soul-crushing superhighways called the 400s.

We’ve spent the last ten years riding every road in the province, looking for ways to avoid the dread 400-series highways.


Not only because we believe that the cities and towns that you'll find just off the 400 highways offer a better experience than truck stops and fast food joints, but the scenery is better, the people are welcoming, and every turn reveals something unexpected. Whether it be a twisty backroad, a a beautiful harbour, a pristine beach, or maybe even the best BBQ joint that you've ever been to. There's literally thousands of unique experiences just waiting for you off the next exit.

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You might not get there as fast, but you’ll definitely find something completely different, something that nourishes the part of you that first started riding motorcycles. We've assembled our favourite routes to get you off the 400s. Click below for the first two regions in our project, or check out the top roads and routes in Ontario.

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