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7 Reasons Why You Must Attend Friday the 13th 2022 in Port Dover

Port Dover, Friday the 13th • Credit: Alexandra Sawicki
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7 Reasons Why You Must Attend Friday the 13th 2022 in Port Dover

Why we're going to Port Dover this year

This May 13th, there's no better place for a biker to be than Port Dover—here's why...

Any rider worth their salt has heard of the massive motorcycle event in Port Dover, Ontario known as Friday the 13th or PD13. This event, started by a group of riding buddies who resolved to meet in Port Dover every Friday the 13th, gets bigger every year and has only just narrowly missed being on the Guinness list as the world's largest motorcycle rally. 

First timers can expect a free-for-all of custom bikes, hot leather, blinding chrome and everything brash and flamboyant in rider culture. A Mardi Gras for motorcycles, all nestled in the heart of one of Ontario's most popular tourism regions. There's even a motorcycle route to accommodate the hordes of bikes that flock to Port Dover when the calendar calls for it!

And after 3 years of Covid, the tradition continues this spring. There was a Friday the 13th last August and, although there was no official event being held, the people still came. This year’s PD13 is sure to draw big numbers.

But why is it imperative that every single rider attend this event? We've got three reasons why you can't afford to miss the PD13.

1 - The Ride

No matter what direction you’re coming from to get to PD13 you’ll find some great routes at CruisetheCoast.ca. The Friday the 13th route is fine, but you’re surrounded by lakes, Niagara Falls, and lots of winding roads through lush farmland. So don’t be afraid to get off the beaten path. You won’t be lost for long!

2 - The People

Motorcyclists are a special bunch, and as much as we’re all individuals with our own preferences, we have more in common than we have differences. PD13 brings together somewhere in the range of 100,000 riders every time, so you’re bound to find your people here.

IMG 9013

3 - The Party

When you get this many bikers all together in one little seaside town, you can bet it’s going to be a party. However, this is Canada, and here we don’t do keg stands, especially when everyone has to ride home. But there is lots of good music, crazy characters and tasty food—we’re sure you’ll be having a good time.

4 - The Bikes

Thousands of bikes line the streets of Port Dover. Every make, model, colour, year, style, type, and custom version of any type of bike ever made, built, sold, bought, imagined, or dreamed up will be here. If you love seeing real bikes—not just what’s on Kijiji or the showroom floor, this is the best place in the world to be.

5 - The T-Shirt

This year the organizers, the Kinsmen club of Port Dover, have created an all-new t-shirt design for the 65th version of the event. Finally, you can say “been there, done that, got the t-shirt”.

6 - Camping

Why ride all the way to Dover just to worry about parking or traffic? Commit to the weekend and stay over! By this time, if you haven’t booked a room you’re out of luck. Camping at the Port Dover Kinsmen Park is a great (and cheap) way to fully immerse yourself in the PD13 experience. It’s only $20 per person per night (an additional $20/ night will be charged for trailers/RVs). Opens on Thursday the 12th at 8 am it’s first-come-first-serve—so get there early!

7 - Live Music

Real live music to groove to, people-watch to, ride to almost non-stop for the duration of the event. From 11a am to 1 am on both Thursday and Friday. We’ve gone too long without live music—this is the place to get your fill!

See you there!!!

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