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Fun Times in Ontario's South

Fun Times in Ontario's South

The Niagara Parkway Ride

What can you expect to see on the route from Niagara down to Fort Erie?

 THIS is NOT what most motorcyclists want to see when preparing for a ride.


 Nor is this!


 Maybe not even one of these! 

Niagara On The Lake - A Cidade dos Idosos - Prince Of Wales Hotel

This is closer!

Looking out to Niagara River

And this is the best of all.

The bike's away now......but take a break from "the grind" next summer and be sure to ride the amazing Niagara Parkway. Start in the "Prettiest Little Town" in Canada, Niagara-On-The-Lake...... head South past majestic Fort George with all it's historic splendour......and cruise the twistie-turnies on down to scenic Queenston.

After a quick check of the Brock monument, gather a head of steam for the run to Niagara Falls....with an optional quick visit at the amazing Floral Clock on your way. Feel the hummmm while cruising by Sir Adam Beck power plant and be sure to wave at all the folks stopping in at the Butterfly Conservatory. (Did I say you could pop in for a fantastic helicopter ride?)

You COULD get all caught up in the glitz (or even the casino) once you arrive in the Falls........but don't. Just slow 'er down a bit to get a quick peak at the mayhem as you pass through town....you can always come back later and play tourist. For now, it's onward and Southward, all the way to Fort Erie, all the while taking in the wonder of dozens of million dollar residences along the riverfront and admiring the cross-border views to our American buddies on the other side of the mighty Niagara.

OK.....NOW find that waterfront picnic bench; break out the blanket and the sandwiches and take that well-earned break. Take your half hour nap, THEN head back to the House of Horrors. Have fun!!


Michael Scott, St. Catharines, ON, Canada

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