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The Big List of Ontario Motorcycle Clubs

The Big List of Ontario Motorcycle Clubs

Thunder Bay H.O.G.

Looking for your fellow riders? You'll find every club in the province is listed here.

Canada's largest province is home to Canada's largest number of motorcycle clubs. From rallies to charity rides, to promoting motorcycle safety, Ontario motorcycle clubs are the heart and soul of Canadian motorcycle culture. To get a sense of the diversity of events—something for everybody—check out our Top 10 Motorcycle Events or our the regularly updated complete list of events. We are pleased to present the most comprehensive list of Ontario motorcycle clubs on the web.

Did we somehow miss your club? Please e-mail ian@thenewbusiness.ca.

Riding as One

Goldwing riders, Star riders, Honda riders, Virago aficionados, vintage bikers, HOG members, lady riders, veterans, families—all types of clubs are represented here and they come from all regions of Ontario. Even if you're from out of province, it's worth contacting a local club to find out about upcoming events and to meet some local riders.

National Clubs

Acquitted MC Canada

Touring and Cruising Clubs

Off-Road Clubs


Sportbike and Racing Clubs

The Grey County Iron Sirens

Part of the Club

Ontario motorcycle clubs are very active. For more information on Ontario motorcycle organizations and communities, check out this post on Ontario motorcycle websites or connect with Ontario Motorcycle Clubs of Facebook.

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