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Why North Bay is the Place to be for Armed Forces Day

Canada 150 CF-18 Hornet Photo provided by City of North Bay • Credit: Canada 150 CF-18 Hornet Photo provided by City of North Bay
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Why North Bay is the Place to be for Armed Forces Day

Celebrate in North Bay on June 13

Come meet the CAF at the Waterfront in North Bay, home to one of Canada's most important military bases and part of a long and proud history.

One of the largest celebrations of its kind in Canada, North Bay will celebrate our Armed Forces on Wednesday June 13! Head on over to the North Bay Waterfront Marina on Memorial Drive to enjoy an exciting day of family fun looking into the history of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). You’ll find fighter jets, a parachute team, live music, and a variety of other displays all in honour of the CAF, all down at the waterfront.

The day is split up into two segments. They have a morning event planned from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm with ground displays and a morning air demonstration, and an evening event from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm with live air demonstrations. 

Morning Ground Displays

During the morning event, you’ll find multiple ground displays demonstrating their role in the protection of Canadian citizens. Amongst the displays, will be food vendors and live music by the 22 Wing Band! 

Photo provided by 22 Wing North Bay

CF – 18 Display

All fighter jet lovers must check out the CF-18 cockpit simulator display while they’re enjoying their day because it’ll certainly be one to remember! This exhibit will make for a great photo-op for the family, as the cockpit simulator will be open for all to see.


The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) ground display will give event goers a sense of the role that the OPP has on Canadian’s each, and every day. The OPP is the largest police service in Ontario, and the second largest in Canada, and are constantly in close proximity with Ontarians as they are present in every community. The event gives citizens of all ages a chance to meet their friendly neighbourhood OPP officer!

Algonquin Regiment 

The Algonquin Regiment is a unit of the 33 Canadian Brigade Group, which provides trained infantry soldiers to the Canadian Military. More information about the Algonquin Regiment can be found at the display or on the Canadian Armed Forces website.

Canadian Armed Forces Museum of Aerospace Defence – 22 Wing Museum

The CAF Museum of Aerospace will be moving from Airport Hill to the Waterfront for a special display on Armed Forces Day! The museum demonstrates the connection between Canada’s current and past contributions to air and defence through many exhibits. The museum offers static exhibits, which explore the history behind World War I, World War II, the Cold War, and the Post-Cold War Era. They also offer virtual exhibits that are titled UGC50 – Underground Complex and Off Scope; Domestic Life at Canadian Radar Stations. If you enjoy the 22 Wing Museum Display, visit them online and book your visit.

Photo provided by 22 Wing North Bay

Operation Hotdog

Operation Hotdog will return this year and provide school children with a complimentary hotdog lunch served with water.

33 Service Battalion – Canadian Armed Forces

The 33 Service Battalion works with the 33 Brigade units as they provide second-line combat service support to units such as Transportation, Maintenance, and Supply for both deployed and domestic operations.

Military Police

The Military Police display will provide information as to their role in law enforcement in the entire Canadian Armed Forces community! They work 24/7 not only within the Canadian military community, but also around the world as peace officers. The Military Police have over 1,250 members, making them one of the largest police forces in Canada! For more information check out their ground display or visit their website.

Photo provided by 22 Wing North Bay

Evening Demo Teams

The Demo Teams will be the highlight of everyone’s day once you see what the CF-18 Team and the Sky Hawks have in store!

CF – 18 Demo Team 

Led by Captain Stefan Porteousas, the CF-18 team is part of the Royal Canadian Air Force, and will leave you beaming after their demonstration. If you enjoy the demo team’s performance and want more action be sure to check out their 2018 Schedule.  

Sky Hawks 

The Sky Hawks are as exciting as they are unique, as they’re Canada’s only parachute demonstration team! Fortunately, they were available for North Bay’s Armed Forces Day Celebration to show off their skills to the public. Based out of Trenton, Ontario at the Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre, the team is made up of members from different occupations from the Canadian Military. For more information, visit the Sky Hawks website


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