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5 Things to Think About When Booking a Summer Campsite

• Credit: Gary McGuffin
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5 Things to Think About When Booking a Summer Campsite

A good site can make or break your trip!

Is there any better feeling than spring and summer's arrival in Northeastern Ontario? The snow melts, the days get longer, and there’s a palpable happiness in the air. But it might as well still be winter if we're not outside taking advantage of the warm weather.

It’s hard to imagine a better way to take advantage of the season’s change than to go camping. The habits that we develop in spring in terms of appreciating the outdoors can often carry on through to autumn, so start early, and take advantage of what makes this great province of ours unique.

Once you make that decision to make Ontario’s wilderness a part of your life in the warmer seasons, there are a few things to think about to ensure you’re getting the most of your camping experience!

1. Lakeside/Waterfront Appeal

Cameron's Beach Campground - Iroquois Falls.

To some, being at the edge of the lake is paramount, while for others being tucked away in the forest is the real appeal. It’s a decision you’re going to have to make when booking a campsite and, frankly, it’s a good problem to have.

It’s all about intention. If swimming and fishing are at the top of your list, then finding a campsite right on the lake makes perfect sense. If, on the other hand, you’re looking to find solace deep in the woods and far from the water’s edge, that’s perfectly fine as well.

What kind of trip do you want to have? Your proximity to the water’s edge is going to have a big impact on determining that.

2. Amenities

The truth is, we all have different goals for our own Ontario camping experiences and, as such, we have different needs. There’s a certain allure in being tucked deep into a forest with no running water in sight, while others are happy to be out in the forest, but wouldn’t mind a touch of electricity here and there.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer, it’s about finding what you are looking for, and thankfully in Ontario we’re blessed with choices. Some campsites will have access to water (and even showers), electricity, and the whole nine yards while other definitely won’t.

The point is that every situation is going to offer its own set of amenities, and it’s worth thinking about what you require, and what you’re alright without for a few days.

3. Access to Towns

Thinking about nearby towns when formulating ideas for your camping experience is important.

In recent years it’s become considerably more popular to create a hybrid trip of sorts. If there’s an event you want to attend in Northern Ontario, there’s no reason whatsoever you can’t go to that concert, festival, or whatever it may be for a night, then head off into the wilderness.

You’ll also want to consider where you’ll be picking up your final supplies or groceries for a trip. It’s awfully convenient when the nearest town isn’t actually all that far from your campsite.

4. Privacy

Cache Campground - Timmins.

When it comes to privacy, it makes sense to think about what sort of trip you’re looking to have.

There are no shortage of secluded campsites which will make you feel like you’re the last person on the planet, but, conversely, there are plenty of campsites which can have more of a community feel.

It’s something worth keeping in mind, but thankfully, in Northeastern Ontario there are plenty of different campsites which cater to a variety of people, privacy notwithstanding.

5. Hiking Opportunities

For some campsites the hiking opportunities are nothing more than a glorified walk from your car, while others are at the mouth of some of Ontario’s most tantalizing trails.

In Northeastern Ontario, there are quite literally thousands of trails to discover, so you might as well keep that in consideration when choosing your campsite. If you’d rather start with a hike, then work backwards, take a peek at your top five favourite trails in the region, then see where you might like to camp.

There are few things more joyous than returning to your campsite to get the fire going after a day’s hike, so keep hiking possibilities in your mind when selecting your campsite.

All Things Considered

If you’re going to put the time and effort into planning your perfect camping trip, you may as well make sure it will indeed be perfect—and, in Northeastern Ontario, it can be.

These five factors can all be game changers, but merely paying them a bit of attention before departure can go a long way. Camping in Northeastern Ontario can be incredible, so keep these five things in mind to ensure you get the experience which is very much at your fingertips.

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