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Give Mountain Biking in Sudbury a Chance

Give Mountain Biking in Sudbury a Chance

Top trail networks

Your essential guide to mountain biking in Sudbury. A breakdown of the three main trail systems in town.

Yes, you are correct, there are no mountains in Northeastern Ontario. BUT let's please move past that fact so we can discover the great mountain biking scene in Sudbury, Ontario!

The Sudbury Scene

When people think of mountain biking they obviously think of mountains. Because of this initial thought, they might jump to the conclusion the City of Greater Sudbury probably would not have a very good environment for this sport considering the lack of elevation. This couldn't be further from the truth!

If you already love to mountain bike, than hopefully this piece will get you to come and experience what we have to offer! Even if it's your first time on a bike in 10 years, the wide variety of trails make Sudbury the perfect spot for you to give mountain biking a shot.

Here we will break down the three main mountain biking trail networks in Sudbury, which are the trails at the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area, Kivi Park's trail system, and finally Walden Mountain Bike Club’s fantastic trails. 

Lake Laurentian Conservation Area Trail Map.

Lake Laurentian Conservation Area

The trail system here is a multi-use trail network that is used by both hikers and bikers in the summer months. The Lake Laurentian Conservation Area offers 2,415 acres of protected green space just minutes from the downtown area scattered with trails ranging in difficulty.

Since these trails were largely designed with hiking in mind it can create some very technical and challenging terrain to ride, which has been one of the main draws to these trails. Lots of exposed bedrock paired with short and steep climbs creates a unique riding experience. Without massive elevation changes you would be surprised to find such smooth and flowing single track through lower sections and thick wooded areas. The accessibility to this trail system is unrivalled with multiple access points across the city.

Find more information about parking, directions, and maps here.

Kivi Park Trail Map.

Kivi Park

Relatively new to Sudbury is Kivi Park, which has quickly become one of the most popular places in the city to enjoy the great outdoors. With a wide stretching web of trails that include hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and my personal favourite, mountain biking! Considering they have only been in operation for a couple of years they have developed some great bike specific trails.

From higher altitude expert trails to much more tame single track this park has something for everyone. Another highlight of this park is their fat bike trails that they groom in the winter for a completely different mountain biking experience.  Fat bikes can be rented from The Outside Store just minutes from the park.

Located in the South End with a massive parking lot this place is a must for any people who want to test their skills on some trails built with care and passion.

Walden Mountain Bike Club Trail Map.

Walden Mountain Bike Club-Naughton

If you mountain bike in Sudbury you know about the Walden Trails. They are a step above all other options, which is all made possible by their dedicated volunteers. This trail network has been built up and expanded year after year by avid mountain bikers who know what others desire and how the trails should be built.

You really get a professional vibe when you are in Naughton with their clearly marked trails labelled in difficulty. The design and variety of this network is what makes the Walden Mountain Bike Club so great. Home to the longest and best descents in the city and strategically built climbs, this trail system is approachable and addicting.


Stay tuned - cycling is on the rise in Sudbury! There are many other great biking trails across the city that we leave up to you to discover (for now). If you are looking for some great excercise and a new way to enjoy our beautiful environment, it's time to try mountain biking in Sudbury!

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