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What Makes Northeastern Ontario an RV Tourer's Paradise?

What Makes Northeastern Ontario an RV Tourer's Paradise?

Find you routes, parks, dumping stations, and much more!

Everything you need to know about RV touring in Northeastern Ontario.

Exploring new places by RV is a one-of-a-kind experience that gives you everything great about outdoor adventure and touring combined in one. 

Across Northeastern Ontario there is almost unlimited access to amazing RV camping in provincial parks, as well as some very accommodating private campgrounds offering everything you need for comfortable trailer or RV camping. RV touring also provides you with the invaluable opportunity enjoy your loved ones' company, great conversation, and unique sightseeing on the open roads of Northeastern Ontario.

It is well known that camping across the North is top-notch, but you don't hear too many people talking about the great touring routes that we are home to. Northeastern Ontario is home to some very scenic highways and great "off-road" trail systems for the gravel roads lover!

Find your campground

Ontario Parks does an incredible job at making it as easy as possible for people to find a perfect location to camp with their RV. They have a reservations system on their website that allows you to input informaiton about the size of your RV and what type of an experience you are looking for, and then they will privde you with options based on your responses.

Here are some of our favourite provincial parks in Northeastern Ontario that are great for RV camping:

There are many other fantastic provincial parks in our region that offer RV camping, and all important information on them can all be found here.

Camping in Ontario Parks is great for so many reasons, but if you are interested in checking out some private/family-run camp grounds, we have options for that as well. Camping in Ontario allows you to select certain criteria that you are looking for in a campsite, and it will provide you with options for campgrounds that fit your needs. A staff favourite in the North is Camp Conewango with their sandy beaches, wide open lawns, and play areas for children!

Camp Conewango.

Manitoulin Island is definitley a dream location for RV lovers. The island itself is extremely accessible and offers wide open roads, beautiful scenery, and lots of great camping options. The ability to get to the island via the MS Chi-Cheemaun from Southern Ontario makes this the perfect location for a weekend adventure. Here are just a few of the many privately run campgrounds on Manitoulin Island:

how to experience rving

If you are interesting in trying out RVing, there are some easy ways that you can rent one in Ontario which will allow you to see how you like it before considering a purchase. Getting in to RV touring is a big investment, so the ability to rent one and see what it is all about would be a great option for a family who is curious about going on a vcation by way of RV. This page developed by Go Rving Ontario will help you locate businesses who offer rentals near you. 

Go RVing Ontario has also developed a great database of RV dealers across Ontario. Check out this page to view their list of dealerships and find one near you. We highly recommend checking out our friends at Fraserway RV in Cookstown Ontario who have a wide selection of RVs and trailers available for rent or purchase.

things to know before you go

If you are not familiar with this area, but are looking to plan a trip in Northeastern Ontario, we have some helpful resources which will make this process much easier. We have developed five main touring routes throughout the region, each presenting a different type of trip ranging from shorter more direct trips to longer adventures with great camping opportunities. Go Tour Ontario has an awesome resource that provides information on all types of routes across Ontario.

Once you have your trip planned, another important thing to plan for is the location of dumping stations. Once again, there is a free easy to use tool created by Sanidumps which will show you where the dumping stations are nearest to you!

RV touring is a great way to see Northeastern Ontario, and provides one of the best vacation opporunities available to enjoy everything about camping while still having a private comfortbale home base (that is also mobile). For a great guide to RVing for beginners, check out this article. There is no better time to try RVing in Northeastern Ontario than this upcoming summer!

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