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Northern Ontario's First Winery

Northern Ontario's First Winery

Harvesting A 'Grape of the North'

The Melien's have been celebrating a number of firsts for Boreal Berry Farm & Winery.

The couple, originally from Petawawa, sold their farm and moved to Warren (40 minutes outside of Sudbury). There they began the hard work of starting a new business, and beginning the harvest of saskatoons, sour cherries, and haskap berries. That was a little over a year ago, and the winery has been flourishing ever since.

You might think it difficult to grow grapes in northern Ontario because of the colder weather, and late summer. Luckily, the haskcap berries used for wine are hardy, and grow so fast that the first harvest usually happens in June. The Meliens are aptly calling haskap 'the grape of the north'.


Haskap: Also known as Honeyberry, or Blue Honeysuckle, Haskap is a deciduous berrying shrub native to circumpolar (boreal) regions. The berry has a sweet blueberry/raspberry taste, and is packed with antioxidants. The berry is also well suited to commercial cultivation in Northern Ontario, due to its ability to thrive in cold temperatures (surviving -45C temps!).

So not only is Boreal Berry Farm & Winery the first winery in Northern Ontario, it's also the only commercial haskap orchard in Ontario.


The haskap orchard produces a number of wines, fruit juices, syrups and sauces.

The Meliens work with a world-class winemaker, Dominic Rivard, during the development process. Saskatoon and sour cherry ice wines are also being produced to complement the line-up.

Wine tours are available, and end with sampling on the licensed patio. Appointments are encouraged.

For more information, contact Greg or Mira at info@borealwinery.ca / 705-920-7096.

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