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The Ultimate Resource Guide for the Urban Cyclist in Greater Sudbury

Bike Sudbury
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The Ultimate Resource Guide for the Urban Cyclist in Greater Sudbury

Cycle Sudbury

Discover Sudbury's strong cycling community fuelled by local businesses and passionate volunteers.

During these difficult times, getting back into the outdoors with family and friends is more crucial than ever. We need the peace and connection of the wilderness to help calm our spirits as we make our way through these uncharted waters. Northeastern Ontario is happy to announce that travel to lodges, camps, and resorts in Ontario has re-opened, and we're happy to share these stories of travel ideas with you. Please check with the local businesses to ensure they are ready to accept guests again, as it does take some time to put the appropriate safety measures in place.

Urban cycling has many great personal as well as environmental benefits. The City of Greater Sudbury works hard to promote cycling as a mode of transportation and is continually working to improve cycling infrastructure and facilities within the city to make cycling easier for the public.

If you were to talk to pretty well anyone from Sudbury, they would almost definitely complain about the state of the roads (especially after this winter), but hopefully if you talk to an avid cyclist they would be more optimistic. The current state of cycling infrastructure in Sudbury might not be the best in Ontario, but the city is investing more and more resources every year into this increasingly popular mode of transportation.

A group ride organized by Bike Sudbury!


In Sudbury we are home to the Rainbow Routes Association, which is a not-for-profit organization and a registered charity. They are committed to the promotion and advancement of non-motorized trails within the city and promote healthy active lifestyles and affordable recreation. Throughout the city of Sudbury, there are 10 trails supported by the Rainbow Routes Association that are included in the Trans Canada Trail (TCT), making these routes part of one of the longest trail systems in the world.

The Ramsey Lake Cycle Tour de Sudbury is a fantastic ride that takes you around Ramsey Lake on dedicated cycling trails. This route gives the rider the opportunity to cycle through the city, and also through some beautiful sections of the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area.

Rainbow Routes Association sharing the road with the GSPS.

Some more of Rainbow Routes Association’s most popular and cycling routes across the city include:

Rainbow Routes Association Trail Map.

local biking businesses

Sudbury has a strong community of road cyclists and mountain bikers, and this community would not be possible without the presence of great local bike shops servicing our city. These great businesses stock all the gear, equipment, accessories, and of course bikes to get you ready to hit the road. Also, from here you will be able to find rentals depending on the season, and professional bike tune-ups to get your machine in tip top shape. Make sure to support your local bike shop, as they are a crucial pillar in the development and promotion of cycling in your city and will also be able to provide insider knowledge on biking in the area!

Another great Bike Sudbury group ride.

bike sudbury:

Bike Sudbury/Vélo Sudbury is a volunteer-based organization comprised of people who love to bike for transportation or recreation, and are committed to building a better cycling culture here in the City of Greater Sudbury. Bike Sudbury does a lot to promote cycling in the city and works to improve the cycling infrastructure. They are deeply involved in the community and host many activities for their members including group rides, bike exchanges, bike tune-up workshops, social activities throughout the year, and bike valet parking. 

The volunteers and members of Bike Sudbury, which was formerly known as the Sudbury Cyclists Union, are strong advocates for safe cycling and do a lot of work to inform the public about the importance of sharing the road. 

Safe Cycling video by the City of Greater Sudbury.

Every year the cycling community in Sudbury grows stronger, and each year the municipal and provincial governments continue to work to develop better, safer, and more convenient cycling infrastructure. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for cyclists in Sudbury, and can't wait to enjoy time on our bikes this summer!

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