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5 Reasons Why You'll Love a Fly-In Fishing Getaway

5 Reasons Why You'll Love a Fly-In Fishing Getaway

Take Flight and Escape

No longer just for the avids, fly-in fishing getaways can be fun and rewarding for every member of your family or friend circle.

There is nothing quite like the smell of aviation fuel.  Av-Gas, as it’s called, has a distinctly recognizable odor when combusted in the engine of a bush plane. It’s a smell you quickly learn to crave simply because of the all-encompassing associations it brings with it. Associations with friends, family, fishing, smiles, and escapism. That smell is as iconic as the planes you step onto in your quest for adventure.

Northeastern Ontario is blessed with many angling adventures which are simply only accessible by float plane. An adventure in flight, which is on most every angler’s bucket list.  The possibilities are almost endless when you have an air taxi on hand to deliver you to a full-service lodge, housekeeping outfit, or do-it-yourself outpost camp.  This kind of trip is what travelling in and exploring the North is all about! 

So, what makes a fly-in fishing trip so unique?

1. Adventure

Bush flight is synonymous with the adventurous spirit. Everything about it screams excitement. From the characters who fly the planes to the iconic history of the birds themselves, there is nothing quite like packing yourself into the cockpit or body of a bush plane as the propellers fire up to take you up! Bush planes deliver you to places rarely seen by others, sometimes never explored places in Ontario’s North.

2. solitude

Bush plane travel in itself is the avenue to solitude. Generally, camps visited by float plane are well off the beaten path, with most all of them completely off the grid. There is an eerie silence which overcomes you as the plane flies toward the horizon and the drone of the engines fade to nothing. It’s that silence which many crave, it’s a silence that is literally deafening.


3. unplugging

Bush plane travel allows you to step out of the hustle and bustle of your every day and escape the rat race of life. Most camps and lodges do have the ability to connect to the outside world, but for those who are looking to unplug, there is always the excuse, and we hear it all the time: “I’m going into the bush, leave a message and I’ll respond when I get out.” There is no news, no phone calls, no emails… nothing, unless you are into that sort of thing.

4. focussed connection

Being left alone on a lake, with no-one around for 100 miles allows many to focus on the connections at hand, be they fishing pals, business associates, or most importantly, family. Bush planes take you to places where these focussed connections forge and deepen personal relationships.  There is nothing like spending time with people outside of your regular element to really get to know who they are, how they are, and what makes people tick!

5. fishing

Most fly-in fish camps are located in remote areas for one good reason: the fishing is fantastic. Be they conservation-minded lodges that focus on quality and quantity of trophy fish, or do-it-yourself outpost camps strategically placed for specific species, the bush plane takes you back in time to what fishing must have been like in days gone by!  In all honesty, we’ve seen fishing get better over time due to proper management of remote fly-in lakes. The fishing is fantastic!

There is little doubt that the bush planes of Northeastern Ontario have the ability to take you away and fulfill that “bucket list” fishing trip you’ve been looking for. The adventure they afford, the solitude, the fishing, and all the benefits of stepping out of your regular and into the unknown are truly good for the soul. The next time you look to try something new, consider stepping into a bush plane to take you away. The experience is truly incredible and will have you looking up when you hear that familiar propeller drone while craving that sweet smell of Av-gas!

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