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You're an adventurer. An explorer. You thrive when you're outdoors surrounded by the wonders of nature. It's where you play. Where you feel most alive. Where your mind, body and soul get rebooted. 

Spring is here. It's time to do the things you have been dreaming about. Hop on your bike or grab your hiking boots and get out and explore. 



It's a great time to see wildlife, the spring bird migration and wildflowers. Unleash your creativity on a learning adventure in the wild.

Feel the rush of a spring whitewater adventure. Plan your remote paddling expedition, world-class kayaking tour, or whitewater adventure now.

You can "do-it-yourself" but for the best experience, we recommend letting local experts help you with trip planning, supplying high quality gear, meals, guides, accommodation and more.   

We hope these articles by Ontario's adventure specialists inspire you to dream, plan and explore Ontario's great outdoors. 

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