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Story By Colleen Bennett • Credit: David Steele
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Colleen J. Bennett of Sault Scuba Centre Ltd. takes you below the surface.

"My name is Colleen Bennett and David was my instructor"...

Learn to SCUBA Dive & Explore the rest of the world. The largest, unexplored area of the world is the inner space. We are surrounded by water. It is hard to drive fifteen or twenty minutes in any direction without being near water in the Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding area.

If you love being in the water swimming and snorkeling, scuba diving would be the next natural extension of the water sport. Through proper training, one will end up a competent, comfortable diver, who can enjoy this sport for the rest of their lives. There are some medical restrictions which are contrary to scuba diving but mostly if you can swim & love the water, this sport may be for you.

sos plaque

You don't have to travel south to explore this new medium. There are lots of local areas well worth your time. Gros Cap offers beautiful scenery and an easy access to a shore entry site. There is an old set of lock gates located in only eighteen feet of water, just around the first rock face. Many natural rock formations and places to snorkel or scuba dive and explore.

Next, for a little more of a challenge, in the upper St. Mary's river, there lay a twin engine beech craft plane. This was environmentally cleaned and sunk well over twenty years ago. Inside and all around the plane is a host of different species of fish, who now call this home.

Upstream from there, is a wooden hulled sailing vessel from the late 1800's. The hull is in pretty good shape and a diver could spend many hours examining the old timbers and decking of this vessel. She also is the home of a wide variety of critters, who will allow us to peruse their home.

Traveling north up the highway, one has to only find a spot to pull over safely and Lake Superior beckons us to explore every possible inch. One could discover glacial striations in the rock formations, quartz outcroppings or veins of copper. Sculptures developed over hundreds of years of wave action that have to be seen to be appreciated.

Sault Ste. Marie's motto of being "Naturally Gifted" extends way below the surface of our lakes and waterways as well as what can be seen on land.

Colleen J. Bennett
Sault Scuba Centre Ltd.
102 Northern Ave. East
Sault Ste. Marie, On
P6B 4H4
705 256-8015 fax 705 256-1173

Visiting SSM! Here is your GO TO GUIDE for accommodations, attractions, festivals, dining and more!!

How Sault S.c.u.b.a Centre Ltd. came to be....

This is a locally owned family business, established in 1976 by David Eric Peer; who relocated here from Etobikoe, ON. Armed with enthusiasm and his love of this sport he introduced this great activity to hundreds of people over the years. My name is Colleen Bennett and David was my instructor.

In 1989, David contracted cancer, which after a hard fought battle took his life in August of 1990. I purchased the business from him in June of 1990. The certification we teach for scuba is called A.C.U.C. International, American Canadian Underwater Certification; I hold the instructional rating of; Instructor Trainer Evaluator.

Sault Scuba Centre Ltd. offers various services & products including approved air fill station, scuba related equipment repairs and a variety of products which can be used by snorkelers, divers, triatheletes, kayakers, windsurfers, fisherman, boaters, basically any water related activities designed to stay off hyperthermia and promote water safety.

We have on-site scuba instruction, with the pool portion of the training either held at the local YMCA or John Rhodes Pool. Also Red Cross first aid instruction, oxygen administration and we provide a location for writing the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron's PCOC card for the boater's license.

The scuba lessons run for 10 weeks, with 9 weeks of classroom & pool sessions; tenth being the written exam, one night a week, and the open water dives taking place during our summer months. Two of the dives are usually at Gros Cap and followed, by the upper St. Mary's river where the students can enjoy an underwater visit to a late 1800's wooden hulled sailing vessel and a twin engine beech craft plane. These are usually filled with several species of local fish, who take great interest in the temporary visitors to their underwater world.

We have initiated and run several underwater environmental clean-ups, over the years. To me the motto of Sault Ste Marie being Naturally Gifted applies below the surface, not just above and there of multitudes of divers who share in this philosophy and are more than willing to join in on such a worthwhile activity.

We are located at 102 Northern Ave. East in Sault Ste. Marie. Please drop by and let our experienced, friendly staff assist you with all your individual questions and water related activity or diving needs.


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