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Climbing with the best.

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Climbing with the best.

Superior Exploration, Adventure & Climbing Co. Ltd.

Superior Exploration, Adventure & Climbing Co. Ltd., is it.

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Climbing since 1979 Shaun Parent, Owner/Operator of Superior Exploration, Adventure & Climbing Co. Ltd., is considered the Pioneer of Rock and Ice Climbing development in the Lake Superior Region of Ontario.

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Ice climbing is a winter sport which is becoming more popular with outdoor enthusiasts.
While many might think it is relatively new to the Sault Ste. Marie area, people have been climbing this area since the mid 80's.

Beginners on Ahman Ta
In the last few years, this region has become an ice climbing destination for people from all over the world to come and experience the wilderness and excellent climbing opportunities we have to offer here in our back yard.

We boast over 400 ice climbs north of Sault Ste. Marie and offer some of the best climbing in Central North America. Climbing here competes with climbing in the mountains, without the worry of avalanches or accessibility. Chris Jensen from South Africa who was here Feb 2014, used words such as "magical" and "amazing" to describe his experiences climbing in our outdoors.

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Interest in Ice climbing continues to grow each year. Mid-December through mid-April, many Ice climbers visit the most developed and most unique ice climbing areas.

Climbing groups from 2 to 10 can be seen each weekend scaling the ice cliffs between Haviland Bay and Montreal River Harbour. Climbs range between 10 & 150 meters in height and vary in degree of difficulty. As the warmer weather approaches in March and April, many newbies learn to ice climb at beginner's ice falls.

Some areas that are developed to climb:

• Mile 38 Road - the 85+ climbs were first discovered in late March 2001. One of the climbs "Ahman Ta" at km.16 hosts a series of steep pillars that flow over an overhanging wall. Later in the winter an ice cave forms into which both hikers on snowshoes and climbers can enter.

• Mamainse Mountain, named "Cerro De Hielo" (Spanish for "Mountain of Ice"), is one of the highest hills in the Batchawana area at 594 meters (1,972 feet) and hosts 25+ ice climbs. Once above the trees climbers get a great view of Batchawana and Haviland Bays. To the east they see the rolling hills that occur near the Spider and Cedar lakes.

• Agawa Canyon is located between Miles 111 and 116 on the Algoma Central Railway and hosts over 140 ice climbs. Ice climbing in the canyon began in December 1986. Access to the canyon is via the ACR passenger train from Sault Ste. Marie at Mile 00 or at Frater Station, Mile 102.

Shaun Parent, Owner/Operator of Superior Exploration, Adventure & Climbing Co. Ltd., is considered the Pioneer of Rock and Ice Climbing development in the Lake Superior Region of Ontario. He has been ice climbing since 1979 and instructing since 1983.

Shaun leading

He developed the climbing areas and has written guidebooks in order to promote the sport.

He is located in Batchawana Bay & offers beginner through Advanced Ice Climbing lessons. His ice climbing school has been endorsed by Outdoor Explorer Magazine, National Geographic's "Ultimate Adventure" and Chill Magazine.

For more information, contact (705) 946-6054 or check out the website: www.superior-exploration.ca.

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